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Remember the days when Reddit would go down at least every month or so?

And that was the reason to start selling awards and beginning of the Enshittification of reddit.

Only back then it was presented as, ‘hey people of reddit, we have a problem, can you help us out?’ Instead of, ‘Fuck You! Pay Me!’ like the API bullshit.


I remember there was a TIL that was about how Reddit didn’t make enough money to pay for its servers so people started encouraging others to buy gold and to gild comments.

Then someone said it would be great to see a progress meter that shows whether we paid enough to pay for reddit for the day.

It was the golden age of reddit, if you’ll pardon the pun. Unidan was still around. Celebrities were engaging with the community. It was wild. Users wanted to see Reddit succeed and reddit proper wanted to help its users.

It’s sad to see what Reddit has become.


I’m still justice for Victoria and what they did to the AMA sub. That damn near killed all the cool engagement the site had. After that it just became endless shitposts with no real quality. It’s sort of the same on Lemmy, but with no corporate overlords. So I have that at least.


Victoria was GOAT. She made sure that AMAs went smoothly and that celebrities knew what they were getting into.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about Rampart, this new movie starring Woody Harrelson.


Something something hell in a cell.

Miss you /u/ShittyMorph


He’s still on Reddit. Posts frequently

AzureInfinity, is still working, if anyone curious.


I’ve reached a point where it feels like talking about an old ex.

“Hey, did you hear? Judy had a kid.”

“Good for her.”

Overall, it doesn’t matter either way because I don’t interact with them anymore. I don’t have malice (that only does you harm), just some good and bad memories from once upon a time.

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Feels more like hearing about someone you hate getting sick and thinking “Good. I hope they fucking die.


Might want to delete her from Facebook, then.

I.E. unsub from the Reddit community.


Great point. I find it hilarious that every post in this comm that makes it to the front page has people complaining about the presence of the update, and it’s often the most upvoted comment. Your fb analogy is perfect.


I haven’t logged in there since July 1st after being there for 14 years. I don’t need to delete/unsubscribe because that would be interaction. It’s dead to me…a piece of the past.

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Same, “Oh… Okay, that stinks for their users”. Gotta just let stuff go, life is short.


I thought 3rd party apps were still allowed, the just pay for usage and there was ways to spoof the api as well?

When did that change?


The announced pricing is prohibitively expensive for apps that were previously free (and changes were basically immediate instead of giving apps a year to make changes).

And Reddit announced that NSFW results would not be returned by the API (which basically renders apps useless for many users)

Die4Ever, avatar

And Reddit announced that NSFW results would not be returned by the API (which basically renders apps useless for many users)

And of course many subs use the NSFW flag for spoilers too, so you could really be missing out on a lot. On r/StarCraft they use the NSFW tag for recent tournament results, which is like the main thing I would want to discuss on there lol


They didn't stop allowing 3rd party app usage per se, they just priced it so absurdly high that they all had to stop operating or get multimillion dollar invoices.
...Which is technically just killing 3rd party apps, thinly disguised under a layer of potential profit. Pretty standard soulless corporate practice.


The fucking thing of it was that they couldn’t just develop a better app. Their multi-million dollar app team with access to the server source for crying out loud couldn’t compete with teams consisting of one guy in his garage. And that was while giving their app away while others were selling them for some serious cash.

That’s the part I found offensive.


Not the part where they bought Alien Blue and made their official app somehow worse?


I was an Alien Blue user since very close to its release, and I would never have become a Reddit user without it. If I’m remembering correctly (it’s been a while and I paid less attention to this kind of thing at the time), they had the exact same problem. Their in house app/website couldn’t compete with an app written by some guy. But AB was about it at the time. I don’t know about the absolute numbers on Android back then, but AB was far and away the most popular app on iOS. So when they bought it out, we all figured “Great! Now it’ll be even better with official support and all that funding.” We all know what happened there. They just killed it and went with internal projects.

Luckily I had also started messing around with one of those nifty little tablets Google made, so I had backup options. I didn’t find anything that equaled AB though. Then I discovered Apollo. I think I actually found it via the announcement on /r/apple, and I never looked back.

But, again, a guy in a garage. I’m guessing a lot of the popular android apps were similar. So now they’re just like “Fuck em.”

And, again, I haven’t looked back.


That app is atrocious


Thoughts and prayers.

_haha_oh_wow_, avatar

Glad I’ve got Lemmy!


Hope spez dies in a car crash


You need more important things in your life.


Said the fat jobless retard with 1300 comments on Lemmy


And not one of those comments is about spez


Oh no, now your streak is broken!


You sound like a blast to have at parties.


Imagine going to parties like if you were 16yo lol


Says the guy who created his account to be an asshole to strangers.


Fucking Christ, learn to be a person or shut the fuck up.


Yeah, car crashes usually have other victims too. There are better ways.

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banish to island

then banish every other decision maker responsible so no replacement

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Most reported problems: app (72%) …well if that ain’t a clear statement.


the majority of reddit traffic came from mobile phones for the past 5 years or so, and the vast majority of mobile users use the app, so it doesn’t surprise me that that’s where most reports come from.

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