Downvotes Galore

What the heck is going on over at Reddit with posts getting downvoted so hard? And I’m not talking about obvious troll posts, or spam, or things you’d expect to get downvoted. A lot of them are just questions being posed to the community in question. I glance into the feed and there’s a ton of posts with 0 upvotes and a bunch of comments. Is this bots or is the community over there getting THAT toxic, even on the hobby subs?


If I ever need to explain irony to someone, I’ll show them this thread

CorrodedCranium, avatar

Is it really that different than usual? A lot of times simple questions are met with arguments over technicalities and people might downvote them for not contributing to the conversation or simply because they use downvotes to signify they disagree with something.

Reddit also uses vote fuzzing I’m pretty sure so if it’s a couple votes below where you think it should be it might be nothing.

other_cat, avatar

It feels different, but you’re right, I don’t have any proof that anything’s worse than normal. It’s just kind of depressing to see. I feel bad for the OPs who aren’t doing anything wrong.

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