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When I was a young Commodore-era game developer, C (without the ++ or # back then) was for wimps, and hardcore coders used Assembly, ditching the OS to have maximum available hardware resources. 👴


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@metin I started with a Commodore VIC-20 and then upgraded to the 64. I was in high school. My dad said there was no money to buy games so I decided to make some of my own. I did what I could changing the internal character set into graphics using peeks and pokes but I could never figure out how to make a screen scroll quickly enough. So I bought an Assembly language cartridge for the 64. I had to go to college then so I moved on from the 64 but I did get an A in my asm class in college.

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@jose 💪😎 Those were the days!

feyter, avatar

@metin yeah, I find it always a little off, seeing people hypothesising about what theoretical benefits the usage of one programming language has over a different while using a very specific framework like #godotengine

Even if there would be a theoretical improvement on performance, it's unlikely thinks like that will actually be a bottleneck for your 2D platform game 😉

Even worst it will not improve any game mechanics 😅

metin, avatar

@feyter Yes, it's all relative. Back then, if you wanted to create cutting-edge games that ran in 50 fps, you had almost no other choice than to go for Assembly and take over the system, but these days you can completely focus on developing a good game, without the headaches of hardware limitations.

mbt3d, avatar

@metin ASM, hardcore coding, I will one up that though, my first coding was on a computer that used machine code. Yea I wrote little instruction sets in binary. It was a computer from Ferranti. The code was entered via punch tape, or switches.
The graphics were a row of small lights, my boss had the code to play the flight of the bubble bee on it, which back then was cool.

metin, avatar

@mbt3d 💪😎

Xanatos, avatar

@metin So I need to learn GDScript, damn 😂

Using c# right now and I think it's more difficult than using GDScript since all tutorials or example scripts are written in GDScript.

I always need to translate them, making errors while doing so.

feyter, avatar

@Xanatos @metin I would argue this is actually the better way to do stuff.

Being forced to not copy paste any tutorial will make you a much better developer in the end.

That's said, I simply prefer GDscript over C# 😅

Xanatos, avatar

That's a really good argument. But if I watch tutorials and compare the GDScript code with the c# one it is super noticeable that you should use GDScript. Much less code to achieve the same result.

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@Xanatos @feyter Yes, these days you're able to choose for convenience, which is progress compared to the early years of the digital revolution.

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@metin Something that thrills me from current computers is I can use javascript (which is a high level interpreted language) to make processor-expensive tasks such as video games, self-modifying code or even a video game distributed as a self-modifying code.
In a 1990 16 Mhz PC core (not to say in a 4Mhz 1984 ZX Spectrum), that would sound science fiction.

metin, avatar

@microblogc Times have definitely changed. These days you don't need to worry much about hardware speed and an OS slowing down your software.

PeterLG, avatar

@metin Assembler for the win!

metin, avatar

@PeterLG 💪😎

MorpheusB, avatar

@metin I never wrote games but asm and c along with cobol is what i used.

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@MorpheusB 💪😎

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