I really hope someone has the skills to make a super cut video of this!

ummthatguy, avatar

More than enough instances of O’Brien suffering, you’d never play the same clip twice.


Is “Riking” the Maneuver or lady-killing?


Missed opportunity to put four lights on day five.


I love that number one means O’Brien is just suffering every single day.

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

All I’m seeing is an advent calendar of meme themes for the 12 days before Christmas…

ummthatguy, avatar

I’m seriously in on this idea. Got day 1 ready for Wed. If you guys want to split them up or I’ll just tackle them as I go.

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

If you’re doing it, I may hop on some as I can. So today is O’Brien, huh? Let’s see if I can cook something up.

FlyingSquid, avatar

Where the hell do you expect me to put all of that?

negativenull, avatar

You’ll have to find your own Class M planet I suppose

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

Cargo bay four

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