Needs a trigger warning


You! Got what I neeeeeed!

But you say he’s just a friend. You say he’s just a friend.

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vile! AAAAHHHHHHh dead

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Dealers when they meet new users who have no experience with the drug, especially a powerfully addictive one … usually give the first few doses for free.

Hopelessly addicting someone to a drug for life far outweighs the little you lose by giving them the first few doses for free.

Pharmaceuticals do the same thing by handing out free samples of new medications to doctors who give them for free to patients. This was the sales model that set off the whole opioid epidemic we’re dealing with now.

That’s why that Klingon is working in a crappy side street stall … she’s got a terrible sales strategy. The Klingon Empire would benefit from taking a page from Purdue Pharma.


Except this is mimicking a scene in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” where the dealer spots them as an easy mark so he knows he can overcharge them for what he’d probably give away to a non addict in order hook them. In case you weren’t aware, if you were running with another gag sorry I missed it 🤗


That's the best way of describing addiction, "hopeless." Selling other people into drug addiction (including by giving away free samples) is the same or worse than selling people into slavery.

It's astounding to me that so many people whose ancestors have themselves been broken under the yoke of slavery, are willing to enslave others into such a horrifying hopeless state, out of mere greed and immoral short-sightedness. Perhaps humanity was always doomed to fail in this way.


Am I reading this wrong or is this straight up racist as fuck?


To my reading, it's dog whistle racist. That is, you know it's racist without mentioning race. So it's not "straight up racist as fuck" but it is "racist as fuck".


Is "fuck" a racist thing? Is one type of racist less a racist fuck than another? I don't pretend I'm not racist - I'm a white male from a wealthy family, my house is large enough I'll never live long enough to see all the rooms in it, and probably a lot of our money comes with blood from the backs of others earning it for us. But I won't apologize for it. However I can be truthful about it. It's who and what I am, and as a human being, I'm inherently racist towards a lot of other humans. All humans are.


It IS racist because it's the truth - and the truth is ugly and hard to hear. I'm sure you'll dismiss my point of view entirely because of being "racist," but it is accurate, even if it isn't pleasant or fun to think about.


No dealer has ever offered me free drugs.


That business model is exclusive to extremely physiologically addictive drugs, like heroin and meth. Is that generally your market?


Pro tip: tell lots of dealers it’s your first time. Free drugs for a while.


Also tell them it’s your birthday.

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Yeah, but then all the dealers start singing happy birthday as they bring my crack out to me and it’s really embarrassing.

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Damn, thanks



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