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RelaxAMist stopped working. I think it might be the Controller. Any Idea's? (

RelaxAMist, at the house I moved into last year, stopped working after two tries. At least I know that it works. It probably hadn't been used for 2-8 years before this. I did have problems getting it to start up in the first place.... pressing buttons and holding them for certain periods and such until it turned on. Perhaps the...

Ceiling pot light backing is plastic?

I have one ceiling pot light in my sauna and I noticed the electrician is using a plastic vapour barrier extension behind it. I feel this is wrong given it's on the ceiling and it's a few feet to the side of the electric heater. My concern is plastic melting and off gassing. What other type of backing for this pot light do you...

How much smoke does your wood stove produce?

I want to set up a wood stove sauna in my back yard but I'm concerned about bothering my neighbors with smoke. I think if I use kiln dried hardwood and keep my fire nice and hot, it shouldn't be any worse than when I'm using my big green egg. With the egg I only have smoke when I'm lighting it up or opening it to adjust...

Floating Sauna (

Greetings! I reside near a picturesque "lake" in New Zealand and have an exciting project in mind: constructing a floating sauna. Currently, I'm in the process of researching suitable materials. It has come to my attention that Cedar, while an excellent choice, tends to be quite expensive. Therefore, I am seeking alternative...

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