Legendary Entertainment Reveals Dune Monopoly Set

Legendary Entertainment has unveiled a Dune Monopoly set inspired by the recent movie adaptation.

The board game will adapt both the story by Frank Herbert and the visuals from the Denis Villeneuve films, including the one set to debut next year. The "setting" for the Monopoly iteration of the franchise will be the desert spice planet of Arrakis, and players will need to buy property featuring the various characters of the multi-part story. The ones they will get to meet include Paul Atreides, Emperor Shaddam, Princess Irulan, and more. The game's tokens are inspired by the film and will feature pieces like the Hunter Seeker and Gom Jabbar.

@IonAddis@lemmy.world avatar

…Dune Monopoly.

I can’t decide if the meaning of that is really deep or unfathomably shallow. I’m vaguely horrified, vaguely impressed, and can’t decide if the marketer who came up with it had a brain fart or was actually trying to say something.

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