New Mexico Museum of Space History to kick off Sci-Fi, Sci-Fact exhibit

"We are opening up this 'Sci-Fi, Sci-Fact' exhibit and the idea is to go into some of the fun of exploring how science fiction has sometimes turned into science fact and how sci-fi has affected sci-fact. Basically, how they constantly influence each other," New Mexico Museum of Space History Executive Director Chris Orwoll said.

The museum, Orwoll said, also planned to expand its gallery offerings for visitors.

"We will have a new 'early space' gallery and a new 'preparing human for space' gallery for Fall of 2024," Orwoll said. "So, we are essentially preparing five new galleries by next fall, it'll be an insanely aggressive year for us while also staying open."

Orwoll said the planning and design stages for those galleries are still underway, though it will be some months before their completion.

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