If nobody buys your poop sandwich, is that proof that people are over sandwiches?

I don’t enjoy the MCU but your conclusion is pretty bad

emptyother, avatar

I got the feeling media has been saying “people are over superhero movies” for quite a while. Eventually it had to “come true” as Marvel has turned down the stakes and mostly focused on some cheap (relatively speaking) tvseries that probably nobody but comicbook fans watched, and some movies that are connected to these, with less known heroes.

They’ll be back again for Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and Blade, and the “over superheroes” trend will be forgotten. Again.

WagesOf, avatar

@inkican people are over superhero movies made by shitty writers using a random grab bag of disconnected tropes.

Stop spending 99.999% of the funding on CGI flying punch scenes and find a GOOD STORY and people will come to the theater.

Oh, and madam web isn't MCU

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Did you read the article? "MCU" appears nowhere in it and Sony is mentioned 10+ times. This has nothing to do with the MCU whatsoever.


Oh yes, of course, my bad. The last MCU movie made so much money - don't know what I was talking about ...


I don't want to polarize or argue. My basic conclusion, having watched the quality of the storytelling decline AND the moviegoing populace check out is: People are over the MCU. Whether it's the Sony-based characters that are also tangentially connected to the MCU or otherwise.

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Yeah, it's definitely clear that you don't enjoy the MCU. I don't think anyone has an issue with you feeling that way. What I don't like to see is when content is misrepresented in titles when posted, it degrades the quality of the platform as a whole and encourages reactions which aren't based on the actual content.


it degrades the quality of the platform as a whole and encourages reactions which aren't based on the actual content.

As the guy who posts content 2-4 times a day because others don't, I would absolutely welcome this level of passion to posting new, appropriate, original content as opposed to complaining because the posted content doesn't meet your standard of quality.

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Cool, always glad to see another user who makes an effort to submit content - I'm glad you're doing the same. I took issue with your title for this post, and I think I expressed that adequately here. Take care.


A wonderful real-world example of Cunningham's Law - my pleasure.


The next MCU movie is going to be Deadpool and Wolverine this summer. Do you think that movie will make some money?


Madame Web isn’t an MCU film, though.


It’s also an objectively terrible movie. People don’t want to go see terrible movies.


I haven’t seen it. Was it actually bad in your opinion? Or are you just stating the internet’s opinion?


I haven’t seen it, but I’m going off of what the actress in the title role said, and literally every single review. Nobody anywhere has said it was a good movie.

jacklaridian, avatar

Madame Web isn't MCU

Ductos, avatar

@inkican The MCU has nothing to do with whatever crap Sony is throwing at the wall with their Spider-Man license, apart from Tom Holland's Spider-Man movies.

thegdthadman, avatar

@Ductos @inkican Thank you! While I can understand the confusion, it doesn't help that people conflate any comic-inspired movie with the MCU. Sony is absolutely the culprit of muddying the waters here, but Madame Web is in no way part of the MCU, so the premise starts out with a basic flaw.

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