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I have four Pis. They’re running Pihole DNS & DHCP, a reverse proxy, and torrent clients. I don’t have them setup as a cluster, been meaning to look into it but I don’t want to add complexity so I’m putting it off.

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I have 3 of the 3rd generation ones to mess around on.


Only use it as a backup pihole now. Used to have an *arr stack on it, but needed a beefier pc


I have one 3B running adguard and a wireguard vpn server. Another 4B doing the same, plus kitchenowl and home assistant.


I bought a pi0 when I first started hosting things. It ran a pihole and piVPN instance for about 3-4 years before it died.

I would love to have another one, they are great pieces of hardware… but are just scalped to hell. I’ll keep buying old desktops and laptops with higher specs for cheaper until the costs go down.

Violet_McQuasional, avatar

Use an old Pi 3B for running zigbee2mqtt on docker.

I used to run just the Linux version of it but decided to install docker on the Pi so it’s as easy as doing docker-compose pull to update it.

This is so I can control my various lights and switches using Home Assistant.


I have 2 Pi 4s in operation. One is a Moonlight/USBoverIP stream gaming portal. It automatically turns on and connects to a VM running Sunshine on my Proxmox host, passes any USB controllers/bluetooth etc to the VM so the big loud gaming box is in the basement and the tiny Pi is next to the TV. 1080p60 works great, minimal lag.

The other acts mostly as a quorum server for the proxmox servers, I have two proxmox hosts and use the second Pi to ensure the cluster doesn’t get split brain. It also acts as a USBoverIP host for my home automation Zigbee and Zwave usb sticks, so that either proxmox host can connect to the USB sticks and the home automation VMs aren’t locked to a physical host.


I got a RPi 3B as my Pi-Hole that I’ll eventually use as my Wireguard VPN, too. Hoping to get another Pi device for hosting Jellyfin on.

ninekeysdown, avatar

Testing ideas with kubernetes before moving to the POC stage


I use my pi for 3dprinting management.


I have Home Assistant on one and Kodi (Libreelec) on another

Cysioland, avatar

Currently on my Pi4 I’m running Home Assistant for home automation, Semaphore for nightly runs of my Ansible playbooks, and Wireguard for VPNing into my local network. I’ve moved from PiHole to AdGuard running on my router, as it’s far fewer moving parts.

On my Pi Zero I’m running Pi-Star for my amateur radio needs.


I used a pi 3 to host a Foundry server (TTRPG software).

I use Docker to simplify things, since I run two instances of it. Simple port forwarding setup within the docker container. the main reason I used a pi instead of my computer is so my players could access their dnd stuff all the time.

I stopped because I switched ISPs and they won’t let me port-forward. My vpn supports it but the latency isn’t ideal. I host the same thing through a cheap server now.


Incase you wanna go back to port forwarding, you could try ipv6! Just gotta make sure all your party members computers have ipv6 enabled


Dunno enough about ipv6, wouldn’t my ISP still need to allow it?

That’s my understanding, and there’s no option in their locked-up router to enable it, for ipv6 either.

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I’ve got one as a Pi Hole, one as a Kodi box, and a few others I keep around as basically electronic multitools.


I’ve got several for random little tasks that crop up, but main use is for the conbee II I have running the zigbee network for all the smart lights. I’ve got a UPS hat using some old 26650 cells for battery backup, mostly so that if power cuts off I don’t run into any issues with the setup and the rare cases where I have to take the power off the server rack for whatever reason. RPi has actually been rock solid for couple years now so no issues with that side, wife approval factor has likewise been high

Also got a Turing Pi but haven’t had a change to play with it too much yet. For most everything else I’m running a docker and VMs in TrueNAS, but would probably change that setup at some point…

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