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How do I get the second nvme to show up for X570 pro wifi (itx)?

As the title says I have a x570 pro wifi motherboard, it has 2 nvme slots and while my first nvme shows up the second does not. I have reinstalled windows 10, updated to latest bios, looked into disk management (not there even after rescan), looked in bios (not there only see my first one) and device managers. (Nvme worked when...

Should I transition from H1v1 to a Terra?

Like my H1 for its footprint but am tired of its thermals. Don’t want the OG meshlicious or the Meshroom because of the shady crap SSUPD pulled with cheating the designer. Was waiting for the FF01 to come out but the Terra came out of nowhere and I’m seriously considering it. It’s a sweet little case and looks great to...

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