I don’t shoplift mainly because I avoid shops but I’ve never seen anyone shoplift food and neither have you.

poVoq, avatar

Hard to tell, but this looks like a lot of really out of season and/or tropical fruits that were likely shipped (or even flown) half-way around the world. I am honestly fine with that being very expensive.

(Yes, I know that that wasn’t the point).


At least the bananas are not wrapped in plastic as well …


I’m not American, surely this is a joke or I’m missing something?


I meant the $100 for that. They going to wholefoods or something?

princessnorah, avatar

This looks like AU$120 to me, just at a regular grocer. Dude shit’s been going through the roof the last 2 years…


Grocery shopping ROI is a skill issue, amirite?

Kolanaki, avatar

$0 if you’re really good at self checkout.


Dead giveaway.


“I’m sorry sir, I thought this PS4 was bananas”.

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