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MAJOR SENSATION from North Korea, where, as confirmed by monitors in Japan & South Korea...

PBS Pyongyang Broadcasting Station and clandestine Echo of Unification have both CLOSED❗❌

It's quite surprising for a SK website to give now former NK frequencies as listening to NK radio in SK is a crime... but they did it ➡️

PBS was on 657 801 855 3250 3320 6160 kHz, 23h/24.

Echo of Unification broadcast 04-06, 13-15 & 22-24z on 3970, 5905, 6250 kHz

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Aaaaaand... if you think this major NK radio shutdown won't bring any further implications... you're wrong 🙃

855 kHz still has a MBC station in 🇰🇷, HLCX Jeonju. Likely kept to complement SK of PBS 500kW monster in Sangwon.

819 HLCN MBC Gwangju may still remain on for the same purpose, against KCBS Pyongyang, also 500kW, which is still on air.

(Oh well, just noticed there's still HLAU Ulsan on 846, which doesn't fit this purpose, perhaps except for splattering onto 855 😮)

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Now, reading an English translation of the SPN story, I noticed a mention of Northeast Asian Broadcasting Research Association...

... which reminds me of a server they ran for a short while (perhaps a month or two) in 2018.

That SDR was situated very close to a NIS transmitter site in Hyeoncheon district of Gyeonggi, just across the Han river of Seoul, which carries Voice of the People on and Radio Free Korea on 1143 , to North Korea.

Zoom-out of a general Seoul-Goyang-Incheon area, with Han river splitting it in two parts in the middle of the screen, running top-left to the centre to middle-right of the screen. A pin is visible on Gyeonggi-do/Goyang MW/SW transmitter site for clandestine radio stations targeting North Korea: Voice of the People and Radio Free Korea.
Even further zoom-out capturing nearly all of Korean Peninsula. The pin marking South Korean clandestine radio transmitters now shows up very close to North Korean border; in fact, I measured its distance to DMZ as little as 25 km to the nearest spot.

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I've even managed to capture some Radio Free Korea from that , with their monumental opening theme... I wonder if they still use it? Back then, I believe, they broadcast in 2-hour or 4-hour slots repeated continuously for a few hours; isn't it different now?

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A funny thing though: as I rewatch that RFK capture, I notice that "Northeast Asian Broadcasting Research Association" called themselves "Northeast Asian Broadcasting Institute" in the header of its

I remember my Google searches for "Northeast Asian Broadcasting Institute" at the time failed to bring up anything related. Perhaps better luck with the other name?

EDIT: Hmmm........ likely not 🫤

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OK, I found some stuff by that Northeast Asian Broadcasting Institute (they use an English acronym of NEABI) using their Korean name, 동북아방송연구회

But... it isn't much 🙄

X- not updated since 2017
YouTube only one video, also from 2017 (but we know they have an ELAD SDR xD)
Daum -- THERE they repost daily brief audio excerpts of Shiokaze, Furusato no Kaze and Nippon no Kaze from monitoring system

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(For those who don't know, Shiokaze, Furusato no Kaze and Nippon no Kaze are all Japanese government stations poundering the issue of JP citizens' abductions in , I think most of them happened in 1980s. They try to reach the abductees - or their ancestors - with news & messages from their relatives back in Japan, in Japanese, Korean, and (Shiokaze only) English.

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