Newsom regularly shoots down progressive bills. The fact that anyone thinks he’s a progressive just shows how far skewed to the right our political spectrum is; anyone who doesn’t signal dislike for LGBT+ people and/or women is automatically viewed as “progressive”.

The thing he gets most of the “progressive” points for is his gun control support, but he’s also pro-cop and gives cops exemptions from almost all gun control laws, so it’s not really gun control, it’s just disarmament of the workers.


Ive never read about him in this light! Its obvious that he won’t allow the housing crisis solved, but thats really about all I know about his more conservative actions.

“Clearly, he’s engaged in a slimy, but sophisticated, balancing act that allows him to remain in the good graces of both progressives and his corporate donors.”

Sounds to me like he’s straight shooting for the presidency. He’s ambitious, yet not totally spineless.

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Correct. He is not.

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