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confused about the concept of the lumpenproletariat

Marx and Engels mention a class “below” the proletariat called the lumpenproletariat, which i understand as meaning a class that has no class consciousness, and is therefore susceptible to the influence of the bourgeoisie. but i don’t see the difference between that and the proletariat proper. don’t the proletariat...

SCB is now appropriated by Hindu nationalists. Meanwhile... (

Subhas Chandra Bose was a left-wing nationalist, and a freedom fighter for the cause of Indian independence. He is the founder of the All India Forward Bloc. He was also the leader of the Indian National Army, a rebel group that was against British colonialism. Sadly, just like Bhagat Singh, who was another leftist...

Was fascism ever destroyed without external intervention and without revolution?

I was wondering if there are instances where the fascist were banished, without having to rely on foreign army? For example, hijacking the fascist party with leftist sympathizers, or indirectly threatening the stability of the government by using fascist-handbook reactionary provocations? Or something like using economic arms to...

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