Somerville, Massachusetts

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News -- H Mart appears to be opening in Somerville's Davis Square.

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Listening to @dmoren All Souls Lost. Current scene is in Union Square exactly where I am right now. 😁

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Big news about the proposed demolition of the McGrath Highway in . The project had a public hearing last night; here's an overview. Some highlights in a thread below:

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The 2013 plan called for 7 lanes because of traffic forecasts from CTPS, the regional planning agency, that predicted "7.5 percent to 12.5 percent" more cars by 2035.

In reality, total traffic has gone down by 1/3rd since 2011. A project designer called the current roadway "overbuilt."


The Public Library just digitized the Somerville Journal from 1870 to 1907 and I could spend days reading through articles in it…

Here's a fun story published in 1903 about the rise of automobiles in , including a debate over steam vs gasoline (steam was more popular but gasoline car owners were sure they were right). Also included is a comparison of the price of owning a horse. So much has changed, but so little has changed.

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"The number of fully zoning-compliant lots in the city of 80,000 people was a surprise to everyone: there were only 22. The city of , it turned out, had declared itself illegal. There was no single reason for this but a combination of requirements working in tandem. These included rules about building height, lot size, density, and the positioning of buildings on a lot. Nearly every property was in violation of one or more."

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When /r/somerville on reddit was asked: "What is the most used online forum?" one user wrote the following take:

"As others have noted, facebook tends older and more conservative (the Davis Square group is -legendary- for toxicity), Reddit tends younger and more hyper-online, Mastadon is great if you want to talk exclusively with people who agree with you (not a bad thing, just something to be aware of), Bluesky is still a walled garden, Nextdoor -is- a trash fire, Instagram can't figure out what it wants to be, and nobody uses Threads."

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Minor rant: I frequently see "our public transit system sucks" as a reason we can't de-prioritize cars. This was said in the subreddit today and like...

  1. When people say this they almost always mean rail. Buses also exist and guess what - we can make them better by taking space from cars.

  2. Even if we accept that public transit sucks, bikes also exist. More people can and do ride them than you think. We can also make them better by taking space from cars.

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@scottsthoughts We are also allowed to... make public transport not suck...

It's significantly easier than making cars green.

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Do any of our readers live near the big empty lot in #Somerville's Gilman Square Green Line station? I'd love to talk with neighbors for a story I'm working on – give me a call at 207-310-0728.

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It is absurd to me that you have to re-register to vote in every municipal election.

Anyway, be sure to check your voter registration and re-register because I think today is the last day to do that for the upcoming elections.

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Hey #CambridgeMA / #somerville / #Boston someone needs your help!

"Hello! It is my life's dream to row a giant pumpkin down the Charles River and I have finally saved up enough money to purchase one, but I just found out from the pumpkin grower that I need a forklift to receive it (as it is 1000 pounds)."

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@itamarst So many questions: What's he doing with all the pumpkin guts? How's he going to get it out of the river before he hits the locks?

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Dang it! I'm going to be away the weekend of ! 😢

🎺 📯 🎶 🎵 🥁

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I wanna brag and shout out @inliuofjoan and myself (and others!) for the intersection of Franklin and Pearl street in - the initial pearl street reconstruction plan included no treatments for this intersection which leads to two schools and a corner store. We advocated for a raised crossing, and now that it’s in, driver yield compliance has improved markedly!

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@scottsthoughts @enobacon apparently these were put up not for people with poor turning abilities, but general "people won't know the road ends" situations 🤦​

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@inliuofjoan @scottsthoughts I'm worried that the Engineers think trucks need to be able to drive on the sidewalk and not that babies in strollers need to have no trucks or trailers on them.

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Ok which of you is my twin? And where did you get the extra long milk crate? (Seen in Davis square around 7:30pm)

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What are the blockers from getting local political discourse migrated onto the fediverse?

Like, I live in - and we don't yet have any folks here yet, afaik. But most of them are relatively active still on birdsite?

We've got an election cycle coming up locally this fall, and I'm loathe to resume activity over on Twitter.

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@Bam Please say more about that! Why would that help?

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Keep in mind the 1% rule though - even though the concept of virality here is wildly different than other social media platforms (Wow my post got 5 likes, red letter day!) - the vast majority of users are....just going to lurk.

But here, you have to post things, regularly, here for this game to be fun. You're rewarded by strangers who find your stuff.

The vast majority of my social circle doesn't get this place - its a lot of work to start over in a new social media platform when your social graph doesn't readily transfer, there's a lot of scolds, harassment is a HUGE problem, the UI is wacky, there's no search, and every other platform recognizes that, in order to be addictive, they have to spoon feed you from the algorithm once you run out of New Stuff to consume.

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