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Scientist. Lacemaker.

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Software developer, bartender, exhausted cyclist. Walks around Somerville a lot. He/him. avatar


As a way to build local community here, I compile a #BostonWeekend thread most weeks, sharing New England-ish events, and I hope you'll follow/use that tag yourself if you find the posts to be useful.

Eldritch, feminist, neuro-spicy, anti-fascist, pinko. Quadragenarian, born @340ppm. Product manager.

Super Effective: Seatbelts, bike helmets, N95s.

📍#SomervilleMA #Massachusetts


End Cash Bail; Abolish the death penalty. 🌹🍉 avatar


Covering the movement for people-centered streets and public spaces in the Commonwealth's cities and towns. avatar


The short bio (see pinned #introduction for longer)

#SoftwareDeveloper, #musician -- lifelong #choral #singer & just picked up #BassGuitar again. | wannabe #vegetarian, wannabe #buddhist, #uu | Cisgender, straight, #ally | Very #liberal / #progressive | #massachusetts right now but hope to go back to #california some day | #photography


Internet Systems Architect, #Maker, Father, Husband, tinkerer, #IPv6 evangelist, #IETF standards, long-time #Linux user, and wanna-be mad scientist. Deals with complex systems and #ops/#infosec. $dayjob at #Akamai (as20940) since 1999. Toots my own. He/Him. avatar


" must be serious about something, if one wants to have any amusement in life." He/him.

This is my biking/local politics/random thoughts account. My software engineering account is ( Mastodon account) avatar


Founder, Hiddenboston, Boston Restaurant Talk; food/travel writer, Boston Globe Magazine, NBC 10 Boston, NECN, Dig Boston; textbook/medical editor; hike leader, Appalachian Mountain Club; DJ, Mark Skin Radio avatar


I sold my soul to Love Live and am trapped in idol hell. Yohane's little demon <3/Maki/Riko

Yohane/Hanayo/Ai/Mei/Megumi of Sora Idols!

Cosplayer, especially love to do Love Live cosplays!

Musician, I play percussion, guitar, and piano.

Favorite seiyuu/3D idols: Kin-chan/Kanako Takatsuki, Pile, Liyuu, Shu Uchida, Yoko Hikasa.

Some other anime I like: K-On, Hibike Euphonium, Macross, Girls Und Panzer, Evangelion. If you can guess what anime my username references you get a cookie.

Some music genres I like: Jpop, classical, jazz, metal, and classic rock.

Some other stuff I like: Cooking/baking, cats, video games, chess.

IRL: Philosophy PhD student, greater Boston, age 28, NB, they/them pronouns.

Profile Picture: Mio Akiyama, my favorite non-Love Live character.
Banner: Yohane saying to Riko "Welcome to Hell Zone." avatar


Hey, I'm Jamie! 👋
IT Engineer and Gamer from the UK. 👨‍💻
Married and have a 4-year-old boy. 🧑🏻‍👩🏼‍👦🏼

I mainly post about:
🎮 #Gaming
🖥️ #Tech #IT #SysAdmin
🎬 #TV #Film #Movies
#Football #LFC
🏎️ #F1
🎶 #Music
👦🏼 #Parenting
🇬🇧 #UK


I'm here to talk about transit, safer streets, and other ways to make the Boston area better.

I write software for MBTA (I don't represent them).

All Cats Are Beautiful. avatar


Dr of Sarcastry. Maker, artist, GenX robot. Human greeblie. Repped by RC Josta. HPC by day, mad science nights and weekends.
Used to podcast on Ruining It For Everyone and SciFi Idols. I make stuff. Not on Xitter.
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Programmer, been on the information superhighway since it was a goat track. Bicyclist, electric car owner, waterskier, board gamer, generic nerd. Cat lover, square dancer, parent, SFF reader.

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