IonAddis, avatar

I wish I could ask them if the “clay fibers” present are something you could make a clay pot out of, if you had enough of them.

But I’m not geologist enough to know if the meaning of “clay” in this context is the same as the word in other contexts.

(I don’t think there’s any reason we should make pots out of space clay. I do think it’d be cool for a sci-fi book to have asteroid-clay pottery as a minor world building detail.)


I love your question!


A reminder of what mankind can do when they come together.


Any precious metals there?

Wilshire, avatar

Even better, water rich carbon!


Show me the rhodium yo


Hopefully no one will take these to have sex on


I don’t know what you mean but that made me laugh.


I think they’re referencing when people have sex with each other on government-owned spaces rocks.


As the fartographer, master of his trade as to be colloquially recognized with the royal THE, was saying, afew years back some NASA intern was caught stealing moon rocks from the Apollo missions and boinkin’ some ladies over top of them. Scandalous, but legendary. I can see the appeal



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  • shalafi,

    I know that’s all factual, but it sounds like an Onion article.

    “NASA Intern Steals Moon Rocks for Sexy Time”

    Alleged thief @CubbyTustard stated, “I dunno. There were the rocks, and my girlfriend was horny. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. Ya know?”


    Isn’t lunar regolith super sharp and abrasive? Of all the rocks to frolic naked on top of, moon rocks seem like they’d be near the bottom of the list.

    ChewbaccasClitoris, avatar

    @threelonmusketeers @shalafi

    Depends what you're in to

    Darkassassin07, avatar

    “this sex lube would be a lot better if it had sand in it”


    I love when people show me their stuff!

    Wilshire, avatar

    Show and Tell, NASA style.



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  • metaStatic,

    They're minerals.

    TheFunkyMonk, avatar

    Christ, Marie.

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