Sunrise and Mountain Blooms

(Zavy) (2024)

Image description: The sun’s rays pierce through the sky, casting a warm glow over a picturesque alpine landscape. Snow-capped mountains stand majestically in the background, in the foreground, red and white flowers with yellow centers bloom amidst tufts of green grass, painting a picture of life thriving in solitude. The contrast between the rugged mountain terrain and fragile blossoms creates a harmonious blend of strength and vulnerability.

Full Generation Parameters:RAW Photography,Snow-capped mountains, flowers and moos, sunrise, sunrays, white clouds,lens flare, low wide angle, (sharpness in detail:1.1), Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, masterpiece, 35mm photograph, (iconic photograph:1.4), (visual storytelling:1.2), film grain, award winning photography,vibrant use of light and shadow, vivid colors,high quality textures of materials, volumetric textures perfect composition, dynamic play of light, rich colors, epic shot, perfectly quality, natural textures,high detail, high sharpness, high clarity, detailed ,photoshadow, intricate details, 8k``Steps: 40, Size: 896x1152, Seed: 100452557598989, Sampler: dpmpp_3m_sde_exponential, CFG scale: 6, Model hash: 09edf63c9f, zavychromaxl_v60 Version: ComfyUI

Koto, avatar

Beautiful, I wish this was the first thing I’d see upon waking.


It would mean that you’ve slept outside of your tent, so this would’ve been a subpar experience

Koto, avatar

Ah yes, put like that I wouldn’t enjoy it one bit.

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