(sigh) Another Blasted Mortal

Original parameters: (full body male vampire hunk), (shirtless), (thin necklace), (standing in graveyard), hunk, (long hair), (red eyes), (holding scepter), (wide angle), masterpiece, detailed, (moonlight background), realistic, (wind blown) Negative prompt: (head cut off), (extra fingers), (moustache), (beard), (anime), jeans, female Steps: 20, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 6, Seed: 3375192227, Size: 704x384, Model hash: 6ce0161689, Model: v1-5-pruned-emaonly, Denoising strength: 0.01, Hires upscale: 3.75, Hires upscaler: DAT x2, Version: v1.8.0

For years, I’ve had a wallpaper in rotation of the cover of the manhwa ‘Rebirth’ volume 1, (reference images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/…/29540.jpg) featuring the vampire protagonist in the moonlight with a decidedly surly pose.

I’ve been smashing my 6900XT into the wall trying to get it to spit out something with a similar vibe, but a few more pixels than I can get out of denoising a 800dpi scan of a small book cover. This doesn’t quite do it, but the upturned nose and downward pointed weapon (SD seems to go completely off the rails with almost any weapon you ask for, except torches for some reason), convey an interesting contempt for the viewer.

With some cleanup, I get something like this: imgur.com/a/9QwQwlW

I’ve taken to generating batches of 10 thumbnails images at a time, deciding if anything’s worth upscaling to wallpaper size, and cleaning up more in GIMP. Upscaling seems to put way more stress on the GPU than generating the original image-- once my machine politely shut itself down which I assume was the way of responding to a thermal threshold trip (~115C peaks)

After scaling, seems like most of the effort is things like trying to add actual eyes instead of dark spots, cleaning up superfluous features, and a lot of reworking mouths.


Use Upscayl for upscaling and use ADetailer for better faces. If you want customised poses, OpenPose is the way to go.

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