The Leftover Rose

(yuidle) (2024)

Image description: A vibrant red rose stands tall in a clear vase filled with water and other orphaned rose stems, set against the backdrop of an urban landscape. The rose is placed on a wooden surface, bathed in the light streaming through a large window. Outside the window, silhouettes of buildings rise against a muted sky. The overall mood of the image is one of fleeting beauty, where nature and urban life coexist briefly.

Full Generation Parameters:(masterpiece, best quality:1.2), (ultra detailed), <lora:coloured glaze:0.25> coloured glaze, blurry background, a single red rose in a glass vase on a wooden table, vaporwave, painterly style, oil paint, window,``Negative prompt: (worst quality, low quality:1.4),(watermark:1.3), paint,``Steps: 30, VAE: vaeFtMse840000Ema_v100.safetensors, Size: 512x896, Seed: 3939626673, Model: _BlazingDrive_V14c, Version: f0.0.17v1.8.0rc-latest-276-g29be1da7, Sampler: DPM++ 3M SDE Karras, CFG scale: 7, Clip skip: 2, Model hash: 67e4e3de7f, Hires steps: 30, Hires upscale: 2, Hires upscaler: 4x_fatal_Anime_500000_G, Denoising strength: 0.35

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