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JoshuaSlowpoke777, in This Starfield puddle exploit lets you rob an entire store's inventory for free

Oh boy, it’s the Skyrim Kahjiit trader chest bug all over again


Which was a godsend for many players

Shurimal, in Rating down at 77%

Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Create a handful of small, dense "gamefied" worldspaces and people will complain that the world is not big and open enough and that it's not realistic or immersive to have such small and dense "planets". Create thousands or trillions (in case of Elite:Dangerous) of procedurally generated planets with realistical amounts of POI-s, and people will complain about boring, sparse worlds with little to do on and where it takes too much time to go anywhere. Try to hit a middle ground, and people will still complain.

Same thing with spaceflight. In Elite you can fly seamlessly everywhere in a system. Only real loading screens are jumps from one system to another. People complain regularly about long travel times (average being only a few minutes), how travel is not gameplay and how "boring" it is and that instantly warping from planet to planet would be so much better. And then people complain about warping mechanics in Starfield.

The developers can never win with the internet-dwelling "gamers" with these sorts of games. There will always be a very loud minority who complains that the game is not what they imagined would be their perfect game. Bear in mind that most people who like the game are busy playing the damn game and not leaving reviews.

As for overhype, oh, there was so much of it in space sim circles. People seriously believed that Starfield will be killing Elite and Star Citizen in one fell swoop. Of course, most of these people were already discontent with Elite and Star Citizen and when Starfield obviously didn't fulfill their wishful thinking, they're now even more discontent and loud.

Me personally? I'm waiting til I can get a new GPU so I can start tinkering with spaceship builds (really love the NASA-punk aesthetic, especially the interiors), guns and suits. And Starfield seems to have perfected jetpack combat, one aspect I really like about Elite, but which is kind of limited there (can't swap jetpacks, and the combat suit has a crap jetpack even after upgrading it while the suit with the good one is not that suitable for combat). Can't wait to make my Mobile Infantry build operating from a Firefly-class ship🙃


Turns out that people really like to complain.


Not sure why you got down voted. You hit the nail on the head. I like elite but stopped playing after “mile wide and inch thick” syndrome became clear. I never got into star citizen because even though I got a ship it always gave me problems to run.

Slightly off topic rant: people talk about “space sims” like its an actual thing you can simulate (uhhhh we haven’t invented that stuff yet sir) and it drives me crazy. I like flight sims but even when I know the real thing is more difficult and complex I know the dynamics have some relation to reality unlike a super magical warp drive thing.


Kerbal is a space sim. Engineers might be too.


Very good point. I meant that calling elite and star citizen sims seems silly to me


I feel like you’re straw manning the issues with the game. Sure some people are disappointed by the lack of depth in the setting. But there are PLENTY of other things to be not like: primarily in my book, the game should be called “Loading Screenfield” since you spend more time in loading screens than anywhere else.

There is a pretty big thread from a few days ago where people discuss the things that are underwhelming about the game. Overall, it’s not a bad game, but not great either. Considering the number of actually great games it’s competing with right now (looking at you BG3 and soon Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty), I think it looks even more meh in comparison.

I think the Steam rating seem pretty spot on.


the game should be called “Loading Screenfield” since you spend more time in loading screens than anywhere else

Not going to argue whether there are too many load screens before I can upgrade my PC and play it. What I will say, though: Starfield is not exactly unique in having lots of load screens, and I think that limitations of Creation Engine play the main part. Travel in Elite is also a load screen after every minute or two if you need to travel to any star system more than a few jumps away. Same goes for X3, which consists of roughly 50x50 km sectors connected by warp gates (loading screens) and in early game you'll need to always go through many sectors to reach anywhere.

Considering the number of actually great games it’s competing with right now (looking at you BG3 and soon Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty), I think it looks even more meh in comparison.

Depends on whether one considers these (unarguably good, especially BG3) games as competition for Starfield. I think competitors to anything should be considered in the genre of that something--eg Infant Annihilator is not competing with Purple Disco Machine, they're just so wildly different things. I'm a big space ship nerd and for me neither BG3 nor Cyberpunk is not even remotely competing for attention. The competition to Starfield could be Elite, Star Citizen, No Mans Sky, X4. Either Star Citizen or No Mans Sky are maybe the closest competitors thematically.

Elite is the main competitor for me, and has excellent space flight mechanics, plus is the only game in existence to have a 1:1 scale simulation of the Milky Way galaxy. Starfield has arcade-y space flight (more of a space shooter than space sim), but seems to have done the on-foot gameplay better than Elite--especially when it comes to on-foot exploration and the life on planets. Starfield also has ship interiors and the ability build ships from ground-up. All of of this fills the niches Elite lacks, so in a sense they're more complementary than competitive.


Starfield is not exactly unique in having lots of load screens

Two things: First, that in NO way makes it better.

Second, I haven’t played X3 in a LONG time, but X4 has a similar structure of warping between systems. Thing is, there isn’t any load time when you warp. You’re not looking at a 5 second animation followed by a black loading screen for another 5 seconds just to travel from a planet to its moon. You also have to fly to those jump points, so you get to actually fly your ship. In Starfield, you just point at a blue dot and then load. Arrive in your system, get scanned, load some more. Etc.

I think competitors to anything should be considered in the genre of that something

Interesting. I don’t actually think of Starfield as a space flight game since that’s such a minor part of the game and you don’t actually fly much, you mostly load screen between areas. I think of Starfield as an RPG with some space flavor, which is why I compared it to two other RPG’s. You’re mostly quick traveling between locations and then talking/role playing. The space flight is a (sadly) minor part of the game.

In fact, I think Elite is a terrible comparison. But I get that the niche seems to be your jam so I get why you’d want to compare and contrast the two.


RPG with some space flavor, which is why I compared it to two other RPG’s

Sure, it is RPG first and foremost, space flight distant second. But it's certainly not your typical swords-and-spells fantasy world RPG. Mass Effect would be the closest, but has even less space ship stuff. In fact, I don't think there has recently been another thematically similar game.

Star Citizen and Elite are IMO thematically much closer to Starfield than BG3, especially when we consider the core game mechanics (turn based party RPG vs. realtime first-person gunplay). The former two and Starfield boil down to your character using a spaceship to travel between planets and space POI-s, dogfighting in space and gunfights on foot with exploration, salvaging/scavenging, trading, bounty hunting and other activities to fill your time with.

Chailles, in This Starfield puddle exploit lets you rob an entire store's inventory for free avatar

I really don’t get why whoever keeps putting these inventories so close to the surface. To the point that I think it’s intentional and they just sit and wait to see how long it takes for someone to find it.


I don’t get why they still have vendor inventories connected to physical containers in the world at all. Or why they’re even set so that players can interact with them. Why aren’t they “containers” that are editor markers not shown during gameplay like light sources/bounding boxes/door markers so that they don’t exist to players at all?


Because in.Morrowind you could steal from shops. The mechanic is gone, but the chests remain.


well they absolutely can use containers that have no model or cant be opened or lock them with no key, this just some standard dev stuff doing the bare min work to make it function


Probably was for a dev reason and then never moved.

8ender, in Open source community figures out problems with performance in Starfield

Article wildly exaggerates what the developer found here. Follow the link to the actual pull request. Couple percent improvement at best.

BarterClub, in Rating down at 77%

It’s just a number. Play the games you like and don’t care what others think.


Exactly review scores are meaningless, early reviews even less so.

kitonthenet, in 4chan analysis

I really appreciate them walking right up to the line of understanding (even going so far as to point out that it’s sweatshop work) and then blowing right past it to say the devs hate your guts. Great work guys!

Tar_alcaran, (edited )

I mean, they don’t “hate your guts”, but the people making the choices don’t give a shit about your feelings as long as you’ve bought the game. The devs, who aren’t making those choices, probably want to make the best game, but they likely prioritise “having food” over “Making the best game ever”.


The people making choices are not the devs!


Correct. I guess that could be clearer, now that I reread my post. Edited.


Not enough people realize this when they say things like “wtf were the devs thinking”, etc. The actual developers, meaning the people writing the code, want to make the product (whatever it may be) the best it possibly can be. Things get messed up for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually not the developers fault.

WintLizard, in The circle of loot avatar

Surrounded by your healing crystals


Honestly, I should set up a psychic shop. Surrounded by this much iridium, plutonium, and heavy metals, I should be able to see the future, right? People have definitely got superpowers for less. And I’ve heard I’m a mantis (then again, I’ve taken a few good knocks to the head recently…)

amio, in Lets talk about physics of the speed of spaceship

I immediately thought "piloting" felt like paddling a bathtub while trying to use an abacus with the other hand. The physics and just "feel" of piloting are awful to me, and I'm basing that on ancient space sims like Freelancer. Did they play any other space game throughout history before making this?


Haha, your analogy is spot on! I think it’s still fun but my ‘science’ brain gets quite conflicted when piloting it.

Yepthatsme, in AITA: My Starfield wife wants a divorce and all I did was chuck one grenade into a crowd of bystanders

AITA for rizzing Andreja up and then leaving her behind for Unity? 10 times?

BigBananaDealer, avatar

is Dusty the new drip king? or did he just get rizzed up by Andreja?

8rhn6t6s, in Some of Starfield’s planets are meant to be empty by design - but that’s not boring, Bethesda insists

Outer Wilds had a few planets but it was still fun

Neato avatar

Yep. It was because Outer Wilds' planets were all hand-crafted. There are barren portions of each of them, but that just exists to showcase the parts with people, ruins and clues on them.

FMT99, in Some of Starfield’s planets are meant to be empty by design - but that’s not boring, Bethesda insists

I really don’t think the empty planets are the problem. Space Engineers has empty planets. Stationeers has empty planets. But they have interesting things to do on those empty planets. Problems to solve. Systems to build and improve.

Everything in Starfield feels like more clicking through (horribly outdated) menus and inventory screens. Between those and the loading screens, the only time the game is really fun is when you’re shooting pirates. But there are games that do that part much much better.

I think that’s how I’d summarize the whole game: lots of things to do but none of it has any depth and everything has been done much better elsewhere.

BaroqueInMind avatar

Bethesda games are puddles of water: wide with content, but completely shallow in depth.


They didn’t used to be though, which is why it’s disappointing.

massive_bereavement, (edited )
massive_bereavement avatar

When they said this would be hard sci-fi, I actually imagined myself piloting an actual space ship and doing astronaut things, not a glorified magic plane.

If someone is looking for what Starfield offers but better, here are my recommendations at a fraction of cost:

  • Space combat, but better: Everspace, Everspace 2, House of the Dying Sun, Chorus, FTL
  • Hard(ish) Sci-fi shooter, but better: Titanfall 2, Call of Duty Infinity Warfare, Mass Effect (technically not FPS)
  • Exploration, but better: Outer wilds, No Man's Sky, Astroneer, Deep Rock Galactic (I would say subnautica but that's not really space).
  • Privateering, but better: Star traders: Frontiers (Though not 3D).

Maybe the issue is that this game, like NMS before, tried to be everything to everyone and didn't develop towards something meaningful.

Hopefully, like NMS will find its soul and develop into something worth playing. (IMO)

EDIT: This is a stealthy way of getting recommendations ;)


Privateering, but better: Star traders: Frontiers (Though not 3D).

Also Endless Sky, which is free


Thanks for the recommendations! I'll look into these, and already have dipped my feet into stuff like Everspace 2 and Outer Wilds. Some of these are on Xbox Game Pass as well, which is cool.


I just see these big tentpole games from Bethesda as the latest platform for mods. The users are going to create better content, I just have to wait for the mod tools to come out.

massive_bereavement avatar

I love mods, but often they come with the trade-off of balancing issues.
A big chunk in gameplay design and development is balancing and while I agree some mods are great, they tend to mess with balance heavily, making it either easier or a whole spiky mess.


When they said this would be hard sci-fi, I actually imagined myself piloting an actual space ship and doing astronaut things

So, KSP 1&2 then? :)


or Elite Dangerous


No orbital mechanics in E:D, no in-space EVA. It does have a slightly more realistic flight model with dampening off, but it’s not true to life.


Eve Online for the cutthroat privateer life.

HarkMahlberg avatar

Exploration and Space combat: Endless Space 2. I have my share of problems with that game but it's effectively Civilization In Space. You can explore star systems, and you can fight space pirates.

Wahots, avatar

If you like these sorts of games (particularly games like Titanfall and Subnautica, or DRG), you might really like Elite Dangerous. Has a big learning curve, but it’s a “once every decade or two” game when it comes to scratching a deep deep Sci fi itch. 1:1* milky way, set thousands of years in the future, with a variety of ships and missions,with excellent HOTAS and VR support. Co-op up to five people, even more if you are in a public server. FPS game with a variety of vehicles, from small cars to aircraft carriers 4x the length of the burj Khalifa.

  • the milky way is cut down slightly, as the core of our galaxy is so dense with stars, it melts computers and makes it impossible to fly between stars, which are almost as dense as sand in a sandbox.
massive_bereavement avatar

While I own it and have tested it, like Eve, it's a multiplayer game for people who enjoy and have the skills (and time) for it...


Elite is fantastic at being Elite, I’m actually glad starfield isn’t like elite though. Elite is all about the beautiful desolation of space, and the attempts of humanity to carve out a place in that desolation. But there’s not really any story or characters or much stuff that isn’t procedurally generated. It’s just you and the grind in a really pretty world.

When I have an itch that elite will scratch I pop on and enjoy being in the cockpit (especially in VR). Im playing starfield to scratch that BGS rpg itch. If I had to manually jump from system to system and fly my ship in to land everytime I want to do a small quest I’d be really put off of starfield.

massive_bereavement avatar

I think my biggest pet peeve with Starfield is the whole looter aproach all Bethesda games have, which means during the first mission, I spent more time rumaging through stuff and figuring out how to break into rooms to get more loot than actually playing the mission.

Not because I like looting, but because I think that if I miss an important item, at some point in the game I'll be locked out of it and require grinding which is my kryptonite.


Oh yeah I definitely feel the inventory management pain issue lol. Some people have been complaining that you can’t open every draw in every room, there’s so so much loot already that I’m glad tbh that it’s usually only yellow crates and bodies that are worth looting. Having a ship with a large inventory helps massively for me. I can dump all my resources in there, and dump all the armour and loot me and my companions haul back from missing a there, them just go on a selling spree in between a few missions. Almost hit a million in income and 90% of that is from loot from killed enemies.

At level 25 now so starting to hit a real limit on how much money shopkeepers have. Would be nice to unlock richer traders, or do missions for them which gives them more capital or something. It’ll probably mean that I only bother looting things worth 5k or something going forward as otherwise it’s more mass than worth the effort looting and selling. Maybe that’s an intentional game design? Force people to not spend all day looting and managing inventory space?


My memory of Elite Dangerous is trying to start auto-undocking, and the flight computer putting me on hold because of another person floating around in the docking bay. Eventually, it aborted the auto-undock; and the tutorial had not taught me how to release the controls to manually undock. So, eventually the station’s security systems flagged me as flying in unpermitted space and destroyed my ship.

So that does seem to echo the “big learning curve” bit.

Wahots, avatar

The tutorials are a bit rough, haha. I found the actual game easier. There’s some great YouTube guides that help with the basics, how to make money easily, how to get certain ships, etc. Makes the game a lot easier. :)


I haven’t played Elite Dangerous since the first year it came out. At that time it was the very definition of “A mile wide and an inch deep” though.

Has it gotten any deeper?

Wahots, avatar

If you haven’t played since 2014, it has gotten a lot deeper, haha. Hell, there’s even a whole human civilization around Sag A* these days.


Hah oh yeah? I had been part of some organized effort in the early days to flip a system ownership, and after a large amount of people working hard on missions for a couple months, they finally admitted that it wasn’t functional yet.


i remember doing the run to Sag A* in a single day a few years ago. In full VR with HOTAS. Experiencing that black hole like that is still one of my best gaming memories of all time.

The fact that there’s now a full human civilisation out there blows my mind.


I think for me everything doesn't feel connected, to go anywhere it's always a loading screen. It is very clearly a limitation of their engine, but it just makes everything feel disconnected.


I think this is my issue too. Oblivion and Skryim had loading screens sure, but everything felt connected and purposeful - the whole spaceship mechanic can be entirely skipped with fast travel and just leaves everything so disconnected.


I’m actually curious how it would feel if it went Half-Life 2’s route; keep the transitions in first-person view, and put up loading indicators when needed, but at least let people see/feel the transition to the next thing.

It probably would have done a lot if, after selecting a nav point to go to, you actually pushed a “Enter hyperspace” throttle on the dash, and then got a loading screen with the stars flying past.


Everything in Starfield feels like more clicking through (horribly outdated) menus and inventory screens. Between those and the loading screens, the only time the game is really fun is when you’re shooting pirates. But there are games that do that part much much better.

This is just a summary of modern Bethesda games in a nutshell, except forgetting to mention bugs as well.

I really don’t know what people where expecting with Starfield


The game has some issues but, surprisingly, bugs really aren’t one of them.


I think Microsoft can be thanked for that. They buckled down and lent their support to make sure Starfield didn't have constant crashes and backwards flying spaceships and whatnot.


No it really isn’t. In all prior Bethesda games you could get from any place in the world to any other just by walking and maybe some loading screens if you’re going from/to a city or dungeon. In Starfield you have to use menus and loading screens to get from most places to most other places.

Also, Starfield places more emphasis on amassing items due to having resources etc than the previous-worst Fallout 4, and all prior Bethesda games didn’t have resources to manage, just items.

So no, while Starfield is very much like previous Bethesda games, many flaws and issues are exacerbated.

Jakeroxs, (edited )

I’d like to know how many of you actually WALKED everywhere in Skyrim or Fallout, I tried it once, boring as fuck and extremely irritating when a quest took me from one side of the map to the other and back. Fast traveling is good and a majority of people that play their game use it almost exclusively where possible.

Y’all are delusional if you think people want to play walking simulators all the time in their RPGs, it’s a very small group who plays them that way.


Because walking from one side of skyrims map to the other and back is TOTALLY the same as just being able to walk from Riften to Whiterun. The equivalent of which you wouldn’t be able to do in Starfield.

Jakeroxs, (edited )

Riften to Whiterun is like half the distance from solitude to Riften, walking between either is a chore and 99% of players wouldn’t or don’t do it.

Tho comparing it to Starfield is sorta hilarious because Starfield is absolutely massive and even games like NMS require going into menus to jump between systems.

Do I wish Starfield was more like NMS in that you can relatively seamless take off, fly to another planet, land, do it all over again? Yeah that’d be pretty sweet. Do I also know that the world’s in NMS are way way less interesting and detailed overall and the storyline/NPC interactions are very basic? Yes I do.

Different strengths and different end goals for the games

Kolanaki, avatar

I could understand expecting improvements before they actually showed the game off; but after the very first gameplay reveal, it should have been pretty obvious to anyone familiar with BGS that it was going to be the same as Skyrim and Fallout 4, but with a different aesthetic and theme.

Everything Starfield does to blow my expectations is that it’s surprisingly stable and bug free. I’m playing it with a 1660 Super and it’s actually playable (I mean, only 30 fps when outside); the card isn’t even supported! Fallout 4 wasn’t even playable at launch (single digit fps when anywhere near Boston) and I had the recommended specs for it.

Enigma, in Starfield Fan Banned From Subreddit For Narcing On Leaker To Cops

2 things.

  1. It was stupid as fuck to brag about it and post your face on the internet. Wtf are you thinking? No common sense.
  2. The snitch is a self righteous asshole. Jerking himself off for telling the police about this crime. Then he also gives his full name. Again no common sense.

Both guys are idiots. They deserve each other.

Towelieyee, in Future Starfield players, what are your top 3 favorite games?
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Nier Automata
  • Borderlands 2
  • Borderlands 3
  • San Andreas

Those are probably my top 5. In no particular order

NuPNuA, in Starfield planet boundaries showcased in new leaked video

How many people ever actually walked round a whole planet in NMS or Elite? I tried to see how far I could get on a planet in NMS when I first tried it and got bored in five minutes and went back to my ship.


This is how I feel. Yeah I’m disappointed that it’s more like a hub based thing than truly open world, but it’s still large enough that I think most people will get bored trying to walk all over one tile if what I hear is true (30 mins of walking to get to the end)

Edit: the article says 10 minutes end to end. that is maybe a little small for my taste… Oh well. :/

A_Random_Idiot, in Six Months After ‘Starfield’: Was I Wrong About It?

Why did they give the game 9.5/10 in the first place? Did they only play the first 5-10 hours of it?

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