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Where I can buy ammo in New Atlantis?


Kolanaki, avatar
  • UC Distribution center
  • Offworld Outfitters
  • Centurian Arsenal
  • Trade Authority (it’s in The Well, which you can access from the elevator to your left when you enter the train station at MAST; if you haven’t done any quests that take you here, you may not even know there like an entire second city underground)

All I can remember the names of; there’s another gun store somewhere in the residential area that doesn’t look like it would even be a store, and probably something I am forgetting about down in the Well.

Honestly, I don’t like New Atlantis because the shops are so spread around and it has the oddest city layout I’ve ever seen. I get so lost here all the damn time, I prefer to shop in Neon. Everything important is on one strip, which the fast travel marker takes you right to the center of.


Oh yeah I forgot to go check on my faction stuff! I selected UC and Enlightened in the starting char gen.

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Anyone sad that @starfield didn't knock it out of the park on release day has never played a Bethesda game on release day. wait for it.


I just realized I had the perfectly wrong typo in my past post. Instead of “…I am not burnt out…” it was suppose to be “I am now burnt out”. Literally the exact opposite meaning as I was intending.

I am very excited for where the mods for this game go, but I am resenting Bethesda more and more for their tactic in the market and reliance on free labour. It is tons of the little things, like the colony ship that arrives at Paradiso, but all of the lamps / chairs / computers / etc are just the absolute normal game models and textures.

Such a lack of attention / giving a damn. I feel bad for the developers because you know it is management budgeting the hours that force them to skip things


Yeah I get all that. Not being able to just shoot that Paradiso CEO was annoying too. I mean yeah you shouldn’t do that, but it should be an option.

Things like too many cutscenes are annoying. Like elevators, they are always cutscenes even if you can just walk seamlessly where they go like in Cydonia. I’m hoping a patch can reduce the cutscenes or at least make them more immersive.

I’m impressed by the details in Starfield in 1,000 ways but also amazed at details they missed.

I’m sure I will get back into Starfield, I’m just giving things a while to get better.

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