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40th Anniversary STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK 4K Steelbook Coming May



Happy Birthday to the legend that is Whoopi Goldberg @startrek

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There’s an age-old saying: “No one should ever meet their heroes.”

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Guinan stabbing Q in the hand with a fork was one of the highlights of STNG

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Yeah, that’s the worst Tendi gets in the whole series. She usually has excellent self control.


Man, I knew I loved LDS after the first 5 minutes. Show came out the gate running

lxskllr, avatar

Fan Made Shows/Movies?


Any particular shows people here like watching? I've seen Renegades and a few others. I'm currently in the middle of Phase II. The special effects impress me for the budgets involved, and the writing/acting makes me appreciate the professionals more :^P I don't want to shit on any of them though. The effort is solid, and they're still an enjoyable watch.


There is an audio project called wolf 359, which is different; I don’t even think that is Star Trek related. That is the youtube page that comes up when you search wolf 359. Google carefully!


Actually this looks like another channel entirely. I’ll have to add it to my list. The short I remember watching had a very TOS type plot where some kind of radiation or energy caused the crew to become obsessed with the object in their own way. The tactical officer wanted to shoot it, the science officer wanted to study it, etc. It was hokey but still pretty neat. The effects were low budget 90s TV movie quality but had a charm about them.

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Super Star Trek 1978 meets 25th Anniversary by emabolo


OMG the nostalgia is real. Playable in browser or install on your computer.

circuitfarmer, avatar

A few years back I built an Altair 8800 replica. Aside from the build itself, one of the best parts was booting a CP/M image to play Super Star Trek.


They just released a full 3D remake. I’ve been meaning to check it out sometime.

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@startrek ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Warps Into Streaming Top 10 Chart

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@maegul Brilliant! I look forward to trying this out next time I have something to say. 🙂

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@startrek "First Look At The ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks – Crew Handbook’ May Offer Season 4 Clues" (potential mild spoilers)

StillPaisleyCat, avatar

Cool. Love the semi-spoilers.

Already preordered my copy.


I hope we see section 31 boimler

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@startrek Did anyone else read Jammer's Reviews as a kid? Did you know this guy's still pumping out reviews?

I wonder if the producers ever took his feedback seriously, or if he's even on their radar.


Same! I was blown away by the number of reviews, and not just Star Trek!

The other thing that blew me away was the number of comments on the article. I guess it makes sense as Trekkies are a dedicated bunch and his website has been around for a long time!


I discovered him as a teenager in the late 2000s, and was surprised to rediscover him recently that he’s still reviewing Star Trek, and other sci-fi shows like The Orville, etc. Love his reviews even if I don’t always agree.

Also apparently he was invited to pitch stories to the Voyager writing crew, but they all sucked so they were not bought.

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Is the new episode of @startrek already streaming in México?

Or should I go to the 🏴‍☠️🌊🏖️???

neurologo, avatar

@LibraryLass Thank you ☺️

StillPaisleyCat, avatar

Canada gets it the same day as the US, but through a different streamer (Crave) from Bell Media, and it runs on premium cable at 9:00 pm.

The rest of the world, it’s the next day.

I can see why the OP might wonder if Mexico is on the same release time as the rest of North America.

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Anyone play any Star Trek Tabletop games? (Specifically STA, the SFU games from ADB, or Attack Wing/Alliance)? I wanted to get a tabletop gaming magazine together for that, but I don't know if it has a justifying interest.


Thank you!

USSBurritoTruck, avatar

Happy to help in any way I'm able.

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@startrek I just started following you so I haven't had a chance to read many of your posts. I'm curious about your thoughts on "Strange New Worlds." I think it's the best Trek since TNG with the best first season of any series in the franchise.

Moxvallix, avatar

The way this post is formatted, I’m guessing this was posted from mastodon. If that’s the case, just warning you that you may receive a flooded feed from following a lemmy instance on mastodon.

I loved season 1 of Strange New Worlds, really felt like they get the star trek formula, exactly what I wanted to see. Haven’t watched the new episode yet, so I can’t comment there.

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@thegiddystitcher Admittedly, The Quality of Mercy is one of the best episodes of any Trek series I've watched in a very long time. I had to go back and watch TOS Balance of Terror to see how they differed. The amount of care and attention to detail the writers showed in homage to the original episode was nothing short of brilliant.

@startrek @BrownKnowser

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So cool. /r/StarTrek has moved to

You can follow them from Mastodon with this handle @startrek

Dee_Imaginarium, avatar

Still getting used to the fact that I'm seeing Mastodon posts while browsing Lemmy. Really loving this federated infrastructure design!

lupomancer, avatar

@sharpsphere @Jdreben There's no way yet. I'm hopeful that a Lemmy or Mastodon updates adds some sort of flag for top level posts to allow them to be filtered.

As it stands, I just browse lemmy with my lemmy account, and then copy the link and paste it into my Masto instance if I want to comment.
Like I'm doing now!


So I CAN follow @startrek on my Mastodon feed but I am not sure how sustainable this will be in one feed when I really start finding interesting communities.

Maho, avatar

Well, things should improve a bit with one thing that's being added soon to Mastodon, exclusive lists, where you follow accounts that don't appear on your main feed.


@JWBananas Kbin or Lemmy, anyway. The main community is technically over on Lemmy (although I personally prefer the kbin interface).

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Ich kann @startrek so leider nicht folgen. Der Spoilermechanismus funktioniert nicht, wenn ich das im Mastodon-Feed habe.

Wie macht ihr das? Einfach die Webseite benutzen?

I can't follow @startrek any more. The spoiler tags don't work in my mastodon feed.

How are you doing it instead? Just use the webpage I guess.


Ich denke aktuell ist es am besten dafür einen Lemmy account zu erstellen.


Same. I have no idea how to get the two to work together at the moment

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