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Worst episode IMHO. Some people loved it. I didn’t. That’s ok. Moving forward please just let Star Trek be Star Trek. 🖖


Is Star Trek really being Star Trek if they only stick a predictable script and don’t do something wacky every now and then? It WAS Star Trek being Star Trek.


As much as some people here loved it, it was the lowest rated episode of the season. It wouldn’t be wise to do another one.


Season. Lol. As if that matters at all to a streaming platform with a huuuuge captive audience of loyal fans.

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Lowest rate by whom?

We shouldn’t let brigading fans who just can’t bear the idea of a musical episode spoil it for the rest of us.

When there’s a weird spike at the 1/10 on IMDb, it’s clear that it’s a campaign of gatekeepers not an assessment of any validity.

Stamets, avatar

It was the lowest rated episode of the season

Yeah, on IMDB and only on IMDB.

Rotten Tomatoes has every episode of the Season marked as 100% except for Charades which is notably not the musical episode. MetaCritics aggregate has the season at 81 overall. If you go to individual episodes there are only 10 reviews for Subspace Rhapsody. Most of them are positive. Two are negative, with one admitting that they didn’t even watch the episode and the other one responding with what sounded more like a tweet than a review. “OMG WHAT A HORRIBLE PIECE OF SHIT” does not a valid review make. Then there’s the fact that Subspace Rhapsody has gotten tons of acclaim and had tons of articles written about it in a positive light, much like the one you’re commenting on.

IMdB reviews are notoriously unreliable and using them as the sole rating system to say what you should and shouldn’t make? Not a great idea.


Really interesting read, I wonder what the opera scene is going to look like when they release it on DVD.

I really hope we get another musical episode I absolutely LOVED it


This episode and the Lower Decks crossover were my favourite of this season


All the episodes were great, but I agree with you (adding on the third episode)

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I cannot tell you how much I want another musical episode. Fucking set it on the holodeck in Discovery, I don’t care. Just give me something. I have never felt such pure and unadulterated joy as I did watching that episode. Giant goofy grin on my face… For 50 minutes I was truly happy. Tom and Kay did a fucking INCREDIBLE JOB. Zero notes and zero feedback beyond “Do it the fuck again”.

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Discovery has some serious musical talent at their disposal.

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Truly. I mean we’ve already heard Saru and Zora alone and both were incredibly beautiful. I can just imagine Culber starting to sing opera with Stamets standing on the side looking on with subdued rage. Proud of his husband but fuck that music.

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I’m a gay 30 odd year old. If you cut me I don’t bleed red. I bleed that episode.


It’s a real major concern.

My doctor doesn’t know what’s happening.



I’ve got to watch this episode again


While I enjoyed that episode, please no.


I LOVED the episode so much too, I’m going to be eagerly waiting the next one

I’m still listening to the songs now lol

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