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Lower Decks!!

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Don’t post these kind of shit clickbait headlines.

I have 10 reasons why not, and number 3 will shock you.

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If you don’t like what people share to the community, don’t click on it.

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Indeed, I don't see why people clickbait on the Fediverse where there isn't even any advertising to be had. There's no benefit.

For those who want to know what's beyond the headline, this is about how in previous Star Trek shows we keep seeing humans defeat AIs by talking them down with their "human emotions" or "human element" always winning the day. But in the most recent episode of Lower Decks there's a bunch of "evil AIs" who are immune to that and instead sort their own shit out for themselves.

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Indeed, I don’t see why people clickbait on the Fediverse where there isn’t even any advertising to be had. There’s no benefit.

I posted an article I found interesting, and I avoid editorialising titles and so posted with the actual title of the article. Clearly people here hated that, though I find the reaction pretty bizarre. Oh well, people like what they like.

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Was an interesting read, thanks for sharing

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It was a good article, it's just the presentation. Unlike on Reddit you can include text with a link so perhaps a snippet of explanation like what I wrote would have helped.

Ferk, (edited )
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Personally, while I appreciate when people add a "snippet of explanation", I do prefer that to be in the comments. Not as the main text of the submission.

Making it part of the submission can feel like editorializing. If I want to read the artice, I read the article, if I want to read opinions / interpretations of the article, I read the comments.

Using the "text snippet" for opinions or interpretations can cause bias... and it also might encourage people to repost the same content multiple times just so they can post with a different bias.

I think the comment section is a more organized and suitable place for that. It also allows people to use their votes to decide whether the opinion/explanation deserves the upvote, separatelly from whether the link itself deserves promotion.

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