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Are you trying to wishlist the whole platform, I'm at just over 300 but that's really pushing the wishlist (It would be larger if they had things like Movies that you could purchase on the platform)

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Damn, I got ~300 and think it’s too much


I have 183; 71 of them aren’t out yet.


About 20 something games. I usually go through whenever I add new things and delete things I'm not interested in anymore. Most of my wishlist is either early access stuff I'm watching reviews on, or stuff not out yet.

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Pretty much what I do too. If the game goes on sale, and I still find it hard to pull the trigger I just take it off my list.


Same, if I don't want it when it's 5 bucks, I won't want it when it's 30. If I for some reason change my mind, then I'll just go back and find it again.


You can’t possibly have an interest over so many games, it’s not practical either. Even if you finish 100 games every year 2000 games would take 20 years.

Jerbil, (edited )


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  • iheartneopets,

    I’m the same. I use it to basically bookmark upcoming or early access games so that I can receive updates about them on my news feed.

    I don’t tend to buy early access games unless it meets very specific criteria: the developer is one person or just a few people, they have been posting frequent substantial updates (patch notes and such count, but if it has a ton of devlogs that are devoid of anything but fluff, I tend to stay clear), and the project speaks to me. Like if it’s a type of game I’ve always wanted to see made, or something.

    All that to say, I have accumulated a large wishlist as well. Not as big as OP’s, but almost 150 games.

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    Was 92 last night until I saw Mass Effect:A was on sale for dirt cheap.


    I use isthereanydeal for buying any game and my list is HUGE. I don’t buy anything until it’s massively discounted but my library is way bigger than anyone I know because they buy everything for $60+.


    46, I find it too much

    Disgusted_Tadpole, avatar

    I think I just have one game in my wishlist. I play games since childhood and I don’t think I’d be able to name 2022, even 1000.


    Mine’s a little out of control at 446 games on the wishlist.

    My Steam library is already a little out of control at 547 games.

    [Edit] 152 games never played.


    LOL, if that’s out of control, what do you call over 1300?



    To be honest, I’d probably call it “awesome” and be a bit envious. That must pretty much be a state where whatever mood you’re in, there’s always going to be something you want to play, like someone with an amazing collection of vinyl records, or bookcases full of literature & poetry.

    Those are some pretty big numbers on hours played too, so it’s not like you’ve just played each thing for an hour and then chucked it.

    I only feel mine’s out of control because of the relatively small amount of time I have to play these days, and the amount of unplayed games - I can play a new game every week for about three years, but actually I just stick another ten hours into “Crusader Truck Manager Fortress Rally Tactics III”, on average.

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    The more you have the harder it is to choose


    Ha ha ha, you fool! All this massive library does is give me something to doom scroll before going back to short burst YouTube videos! (Depression is a hell of a drug.) I mostly end up playing a lot of the same games over and over (see my hours on New Vegas) and don’t end up playing the games I bought that look really fun.


    Aww mate, sorry to hear that. I’ve been in those pits before. I hope life, the world, or yourself gives you the break you need, or the support you need to get through it.


    About 10 or 15 games. None of which i am interested in, any longer.

    Ive stopped opening steam. Launching all my games through playnite. Its much easier.


    2 games. Meigakure and Space Engine Pro


    Somewhere between 60-100, and it’s only this small because my main gaming platforms are PS4 and Nintendo switch.

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    I only really wishlist games that haven’t come out yet that I’m interested in, to remind me to buy it when it comes out. Only about ten items on mine.

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