Halo infinite is the best free to play fps multiplayer game that runs well on the steam deck

You can play halo infinite VERY competitively with joysticks and gyro too, it feels made for steamdeck controls especially with the heavy focus on (absolutely amazing) vehicle combat.

A month ago or so it was crashing really regularly on me, but now it seems to be working fine. I can easily get a steady ~50fps with the graphics all the way down. Yeah, the graphics don’t look amazing on low and there are weird graphical artifacts sometimes but it is far from ugly and the core halo gameplay is just so well balanced at the moment that who cares how it looks when it plays like that.

(yeah it used to suck, it doesn’t anymore)

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Yet it still cannot hold a candle to any of the Bungie Halo games…

dumpsterlid, (edited )

In terms of innovation, no halo infinite doesn’t hold a candle to what the first three halos did. In terms of depth, polish and balance of all weapons, vehicles and game elements in multiplayer, halo infinite is the best halo multiplayer has ever been.

If you don’t like halo infinite’s multiplayer fine, but it is frankly downright absurd to say halo infinite’s multiplayer can’t hold a candle to the bungie games. It plays just like halo if it kept evolving past halo 3 in a logical direction. Nothing about the core gameplay has been compromised, all the weapons are still there and better balanced than they have ever been (along with new weapons).

You can absolutely leverage specific criticisms at halo infinite, and if you hate it just because Microsoft or its monetization model that is totally fair, but there is clearly nothing missing from its ingredients in a mechanical sense that makes it an unworthy update to the original trilogy of halos.


I haven’t played Halo since 3 first came out but man you can preach. Can’t wait to get a deck and play this eventually


firefight is so fun to play on steam deck. i am also happy it doesn’t lock up my steam deck anymore


Same it was infuriating to be like wow I am so close to an awesome multiplayer experience except it hard crashes my steam deck every 15 minutes lol.

Also I didnt bring this up before but yeah the integration of AI into forge mode is actually pretty massive especially because the halo enemy ai doesn’t need much scripting or fiddling to be fun to fight. The amount of crazy shit that will come out of forge mode with ai enemies is going to be hilarious.

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Does Xonitic run on SteamDeck?

dumpsterlid, (edited )

Hahaha yes, I tried it the other day actually.

I am kind of curious about how far one can push joysticks+gyro. Can you play a quake style game competitively? I think I could, and I bet steering the rockets with gyro feels incredible. I haven’t gotten into making some bindings yet though.

Love me some quake (xonotic is the best quake style shooter imo), love me some halo.

edit just tried out xonotic on the steamdeck with joysticks+gyro, it works fantastic, just gotta figure out a way to map all the weapon switch keybindings in a way you can actually press them quickly. I guess you only realllllyy need rockets, mortar, rails and the blaster/rocket jump gun quickly accessible.

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