Making MTV Anti-Missile Flares

“And then we’re going to add this suspension into some hexane. I mean here I’m just using Shellite because it’s from Bunnings and I dunno who else uses this so I feel like if I stop buying it Bunnings will stop selling it so, it’s like a couple of bucks and it’s like hexanes, it’s so good, Bunnings keep selling this please”


I cannot take the time to watch the video, but what does MTV have to do with infrared flares?

Pop video violence?


!Wrong answer!<

He’s remaking the flares that lit Michael Jackson on fire during that music video

For real though, glad to hear he finally submitted his PhD


Thermites based on magnesium/Teflon/Viton, aka MTV-compositions, have been in use since the 1950s as payloads in infrared decoy flare applications.


MTV is the chemical make up of the flares. It’s magnesium, Teflon (the oxidizer) and Viton (I haven’t seen the video fully, but it might be a way to slow down the reaction)


TIL that Music TeleVision is thermite.

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