​:heart_trans:​ Request for IT assistance ​:heart_trans:​

Hi friends! Our SysAdmins are still blocked by a network issue that prevents our migration to the new servers. We are running out of ideas and would appreciate any possible support. If you have or know someone who has experience with IPv6 networks, then please contact me or another member of our staff. We would earnestly appreciate any help or advice!

The problem, as I understand it, is that traffic fails to pass through our OPNSense firewall. We have a /48 block allocated on the WAN side, and want to expose a public IP from the LAN. See this reply for a longer description and some discussion.

Boosts appreciated! 💙
CC: @Amelia and @puppygirlhornypost

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shalien, avatar

@fEmber @Amelia @puppygirlhornypost
Sound like either a RA issue or a misconfigured rule in opensense.

DeltaLima, German avatar

"Enterprise software" ist auch nur ein Synonym für "Zeitverschwendung durch Lizenzprobleme"

#sysadminlife #sysadmin #fckatlsn

2ndStar, avatar

@DeltaLima Bestimmt nicht 😅👍

stefano, avatar

Interesting tool to check your own e-mail server:

#EMailHosting #SysAdmin #EMailTools

SadKitten, French avatar

Demande d'utilisateur récente : avoir un répondeur d'absence sur son mail qui envoie une réponse auto à tous les mails
Réponse des admins : non
Pourquoi on a dit non à votre avis ? #sysadmin #xp #vieille

R1Rail, avatar

@SadKitten @bortzmeyer le standard est de ne pas répondre plus d'une fois par semaine à la même adresse, ça coupe les ping pong

ciredutempsEsme, avatar

@SadKitten parce que y'a pas assez de place sur les serveurs ?

bortzmeyer, French avatar

(19/35) Upgrading xz-libs (5.6.1-r1 -> 5.6.1-r2)

#Alpine #sysAdmin

bortzmeyer, avatar

Thinking of all the Docker images based on Alpine which will never be upgraded against the xz issue...

mherrb, avatar

@bortzmeyer sshd is not linked against liblzma on Alpine. Hence not vulnerable to CVE-2024-3094

goodthinking, avatar

…located and removed two instances of Diddy from conference room screensaver deck…


mwl, avatar

Vultr backed down, but so what? #sysadmin

Rights grabs are becoming more common, though. I believe that the only way to stop them is to stop doing business with any company that attempts one. Backing down from a rights grab is too late.

mwl, avatar

New blog post: #Vultr just betrayed us.

I've recommended them for years. Will be moving off immediately. #sysadmin

No, not a joke.

aral, avatar

@mwl wtf?!

ParadeGrotesque, avatar


Well, F***.

Sorry, that's the only thing that came to mind. Thank Cthulhu, I am not hosted with them.

SadKitten, French avatar

Qui déménage des serveurs demain et a un gros doute sur le format des prises électriques à l'arrivée ? C'est pas le voisin ...

Kahte, avatar

@SadKitten 🤞

hl, (edited ) avatar

Sigh. So copying and pasting commands from the internet doesn't solve my problem. This means I'm going to have to actually try and /understand/ what's wrong. I didn't sign up for this.

#projects #sysadmin #homelab

hl, avatar

@xdydx I'm trying to mount a Apple Airport Time capsule Samba share on #FreeBSD 14, and so far no luck. I'm lost somewhere between #samba versions, types of security and the fact that FreeBSD seems to have changed the way to deal with Samba shares over the years; and I think from various forum posts I'm getting the different methods confused.

zirias, avatar

@hl @xdydx #FreeBSD has only support for SMBv1, which you should absolutely avoid for security reasons, although you can probably configure #samba to still allow it ... but ... don't. Nowadays I'd prefer to say FreeBSD does not support mounting SMB shares.

There are some ports available implementing "modern" SMB (v2/v3) on top of #fuse, which might be an option, but in my experience, they're not perfectly reliable and performance isn't the greatest either.

If ever possible, work on the server side and see whether you can share via #NFS instead. Either #NFSv3 (which is only "secure" as long as your network is perfectly secure and you control all participating machines, but at least it doesn't pretend to do anything else), or #NFSv4 with #kerberos security.

mwl, avatar

Holy carp.

IANA might be moving on a TLD for internal use. It's only taken, what? Thirty years? That I, personally, have been following this? #sysadmin

mwl, avatar

@Doomed_Daniel @distractal

They could, but they won't.

You violated a standard that doesn't support what you need, and deserve to be punished. :flan_shrug:

Doomed_Daniel, avatar

@mwl @distractal
well, I linked a RFC there and it almost recommends using those TLDs, that's gotta count for something

matthew, avatar


Check to make sure your data backups are working as they should.

me, avatar

Current Twilio outage is completely goatfucking my ability to get work done. 2FA over SMS is garbage. #sysadmin

ai6yr, avatar

@me 👀

SadKitten, French avatar

Mais 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 VMware 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Broadcom 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 prix

Kahte, avatar

@SadKitten :blobcat_heartcat: Courage et des bisous 😘 😘 😘 😘

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