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Sigh. So copying and pasting commands from the internet doesn't solve my problem. This means I'm going to have to actually try and /understand/ what's wrong. I didn't sign up for this.

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What is the problem? :)

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@xdydx I'm trying to mount a Apple Airport Time capsule Samba share on 14, and so far no luck. I'm lost somewhere between versions, types of security and the fact that FreeBSD seems to have changed the way to deal with Samba shares over the years; and I think from various forum posts I'm getting the different methods confused.

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@hl @xdydx has only support for SMBv1, which you should absolutely avoid for security reasons, although you can probably configure to still allow it ... but ... don't. Nowadays I'd prefer to say FreeBSD does not support mounting SMB shares.

There are some ports available implementing "modern" SMB (v2/v3) on top of , which might be an option, but in my experience, they're not perfectly reliable and performance isn't the greatest either.

If ever possible, work on the server side and see whether you can share via instead. Either (which is only "secure" as long as your network is perfectly secure and you control all participating machines, but at least it doesn't pretend to do anything else), or with security.

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