​:heart_trans:​ Request for IT assistance ​:heart_trans:​

Hi friends! Our SysAdmins are still blocked by a network issue that prevents our migration to the new servers. We are running out of ideas and would appreciate any possible support. If you have or know someone who has experience with IPv6 networks, then please contact me or another member of our staff. We would earnestly appreciate any help or advice!

The problem, as I understand it, is that traffic fails to pass through our OPNSense firewall. We have a /48 block allocated on the WAN side, and want to expose a public IP from the LAN. See this reply for a longer description and some discussion.

Boosts appreciated! 💙
CC: @Amelia and @puppygirlhornypost

@shalien@projetretro.io avatar

@fEmber @Amelia @puppygirlhornypost
Sound like either a RA issue or a misconfigured rule in opensense.

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