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But does it hold 30 gallons of water in the rear bumper?

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I reserved one right when it was announced, but in the time since:

  1. Rivian came out, proved they are great vehicles, and I put a reservation down for one of those.
  2. Aptera came back from the dead.
  3. Tesla has been embroiled in numerous QC and autopilot scandals, and appears to have stagnated on any kind of progress there.
  4. Musk demonstrated that he is an authoritarian right-wing terrorist, destroying any chance of my ever wanting to be involved with any of his ventures.

So as much as I love this things bizarre design, I’m gonna stick with my Rivian preorder instead.

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You actually genuinely like the design?

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The second generation Ford Lightning EV will be out in late 2024 as a 2025 model. They also have a smaller EV pickup coming out not long after. The Ram EV will be out as well as the GMC Sierra.

Tesla was the first to announce and will likely be last to deliver.

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Common Tesla L



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  • Xeelee,
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    The Cybertruck is a vehicle that's unlike anything that was had ever been fine before. It's not surprising that bringing it to market was a challenge. The question is whether being different will also make it a better vehicle.

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    Given Tesla’s quality control, being a “better vehicle” is not a bet I would make.


    How is it unlike other vehicles of similar size?


    uhh, sharper angles?


    Unlike anything?

    • 4 tires

    • Truck bed

    • Bad quality

    • Ugly

    I see lots of those on the road already. I don’t see what the big deal is.

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    It’s hard to read anything about this guy and not think immediately… Fuck this dude. I know there are tens of thousands of employees behind him but still I just can’t help it.

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    Getting close to that 2021 release at $40k purchase price?

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    Very curious to see the price this launches at.

    Over/under 60K?

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    Over, by a significant amount.

    NotMyOldRedditName, (edited )

    It wouldn't be reasonable to expect the 40k price after the crazy inflation we've seen

    What I want to know is how much higher is it after taking inflation into account..

    Edit: looked it up. 40k in 2019 is 47.7k today. 40k in 2021 the planned release day/price, in 2023 is 45k. The 45k number probably makes the most sense. That's assuming the random site I used is anywhere near correct.

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    I would be amazed if it sells for anywhere near 40. I bet it launches at closer to 60.

    NotMyOldRedditName, (edited )

    Somewhere in the 60-70k range is probably where it'll land ya.

    That'd be 15-25k more after inflation (instead of 20-30k more)

    Edit: at least it should fully qualify for the 7500 federal rebate since it uses the 4680 cells. Was reading the m3 might lose the full rebate in 2024


    The F-150 EV starts at $60k and Tesla views themselves as a luxury brand, so yeah no way it's less than $70k

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    The first truck. Produced as a test of the assembly line. Many trucks will be produced as a test to get volume production going smoothly.


    I can see the panel gaps from here.

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    And they kept the totally goofy look. I really wonder how well this will sell.

    holo_nexus, (edited )
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    It’ll sell it’s fair share but the delayed launch is going to really hurt it it’s potential sales numbers. In the span of their initial release date and ‘24, ev pickups from Ford, Rivian, and GM have released.

    They could have been one of the first and taken the hype


    I can't wait to read about how often these windshields crack. Flat glass is much cheaper to make yet every car design has curved glass. Gee, I wonder why?


    Nobody better have a baseball anywhere near that truck

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