In place of cookies, Google has introduced a new set of tools that makes the Chrome browser itself keep tabs on what you’re doing online. Essentially, that data stays on your device, and your browser sorts you into various categories, or “Ad Topics” as Google calls them.

Of course. Guck Foogle.

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So, unlike cookies we won't be able to clear them? How does this affect other browsers, is Firefox affected or regular cookies still in place? Do cookies become a way of the past entirely or is it only for sites that opt in? (It looks like it's Google browser only and opt in, for now)

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Mozilla has already rejected adding Topics to Firefox due to privacy concerns. Firefox already blocks third-party advertising cookies.

Apple also has taken a stand against adding it in Safari. Microsoft is, however, testing the integration of some 'Privacy Sandbox' technologies in Edge but they haven't made any commitments one way or the other yet.

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Thanks for the clarification, I did read through the article but maybe not thoroughly enough.

Glad to see it's not being entirely adopted, at least!

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This isn't included in the article

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I"m sure there are technical difference that make this "not" "cookies" but it sounds like cookies.

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This is not a great article. So many words with so little information. In other articles I found it sounds like Chrome is finally getting third party cookie blocking. Other browsers have had thir for years. Its nothing new.

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Trusting Google to oversee your privacy is like asking a grizzly bear to make sure no one eats this big pile of fresh salmon


Trying to make sure no one has your data (except them).

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Will it kill Google ads cookies too?

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They will just directly use Chrome instead

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Its core purpose is to facilitate online advertising by sharing a subset of user private information without the use of third-party cookies.


Far too hopeful, but I don’t think that deserved a downvote.

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