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The enshittification continues

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Surprised it took this long honestly. For my navigation needs, Magic Earth works great, and does include crowd sourced reporting similar to Waze.


Embrace Buy, extend do nothing with it, extinguish.

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Well that sucks. At least it looks like that they are not killing the app (for now) but unifying the ad sales which I guess makes sense for them.

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Don’t worry, it will be on soon


Which, in this particular case, wouldn't be a bad thing. Just integrate the community aspects into Google Maps, make them optional.


Waze has other features that Maps is missing.

Waze is the only routing software I know that can handle vignettes.

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What are vignettes in the context of driving?


Tickets you need to use some roads, like the autobahn


They allow you to drive on certain roads in some countries.


It's also a really dumb complaint but Waze also has fun stuff, like I could make my car a Halo warthog at one point. Google Maps doesn't have that.


at this point it doesn't matter, but the fact that they were allowed to buy it is a travesty.

Waze was the only app with the capilarity to get enough mapping data to be competitive.

Google Maps' pricing for their API is insane and there's no viable alternative outside the USA.

They bought it to kill it.


Along with their own search engine and the internet when it was fun and useful


They never should have been allowed to buy it in the first place.


Same with YouTube.

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It makes me sad that people are losing their jobs. Somewhere out there are real people with real families wondering what they’re going to do if they’re out of a job. It just sucks.


I am hopeful that working for an Alphabet subsidiary will open a lot of doors for them

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Not surprising

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If google implemented the social aspects of Waze into maps it would be the ultimate maps app. I understand that the nature of google maps is different than Waze's, but maybe including a social mode in maps that shows all the information that Waze shows would make it a million times better.


I’ve always been confused why Google keeps Waze and Maps completely separate. Google Maps interface with Waze crowd sourcing would be killer.

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They’re separate because Waze has a reputation of giving more “aggressive” routing, and has a social aspect to it. Stuff that really doesn’t belong in Google Maps.


What's aggressive routing? Like more prone to induce road rage?

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Like making you take an extra 10 turns, take a longer route, and drive on too-narrow roads, to potentially save only several minutes of being stopped in traffic.


And through quiet neighborhood communities where people are out in the streets playing with the kids, walking the dog or getting a run in.

Someone in my neighborhood got hit while walking their dog by someone using Waze.


Be careful of confirmation bias and the availability heuristic. One irresponsible person does not define the masses.

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I use Waze but will absolutely not follow some of its more stupid routes.

I will happily spend an extra half a minute on a journey to not have to go through a bunch of winding side streets and then try and pull out onto a busy main road, rather than just staying on the main roads.


Waze's app is a lot more engaging and would be distracting for someone used to Google maps. Waze has, as a result managed to do this crowdsourcing and gamify the experience. I don't really think Google maps could try that without alienating a lot of people.

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I've long wondered how much longer Google would maintain two different mapping apps. It's long seemed like Waze acted as a beta test of Google Maps experiments, but I think it's starting to outlive our digital overlords' usefulness

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Just a reminder that Wyze Bridge exists. It's great for self hosting your wyze camera stream. It also works with Home Assistant

Wyze, Waze, Tomato, Tomahtoe

I read good. Sorry about that, wrong app.


I think this is about Waze, the mapping/navigation app.

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Holy cow you're right, sorry about that. That'll teach me to read good.


Looks like someone went to the Derek Zoolander Center for Children Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too

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I gradutated top of my klass


You may still have reached wyze users that were unaware!

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