Meta will be releasing a Twitter clone/competitor this summer. Will you join?

Here's everything we know about it so far:

  • It will use ActivityPub.
  • It will be a side app of Instagram.
  • It will most likely be called Threads.
  • Your Instagram verification status will transfer over.
  • There will be easy discovery tools in place: Your Instagram followers will be able to follow you on Threads as well (they won't transfer over automatically).

What do you think?


I think Facebook & Zuckerberg can go fuck themselves.

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I agree. I wouldn't give them a chance.


I'm using Mastodon instead of Twitter. Now I just gotta figure out how to link my Mastodon, kbin, and Lemmy accounts into one social media account to rule then all.


One account to rule them all, one account to find them, One account to bring them all and in the darkness bind them


If it is federated, I don't need to join.
If it is NOT federated, I don't want to join.

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Pretty much my thoughts as well.

My bet is that they're going to allow other people from the fediverse to post on it but won't allow instagram users to see other instances. Wouldn't want your customers getting off the official servers now.


I do wonder how this will shake out. While I personally won’t be participating, lots of my friends (older gen z) deleted/abandoned their twitters but kept instagram. Some of them even use that little “status” thing that can show up on the top of your messages.

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Nope I'm done with corporate-controlled social media.


Meta has the capacity to make really evil products, let's not start the EEE treadmill.

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if it isn't littered with ads, 80 year old conservatives, and 5-minute craft videos, i'll give it a shot

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I am dreading the influx of Meta users in federated timelines


Absolutely not

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I won’t be joining however, I think it will help the overall Fediverse idea and get people more acclimated to it.

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Absolutely not.

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Nope. I don't trust anything Meta-owned anymore.

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will i join? nope

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I avoid everything by Meta, so I won't be using it no matter what.


No, for all the reasons everyone else has said. But also, I genuinely don't think they will make anything as nice to use as, say, Calckey.

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