Is this the borg coming to assimilate us?


Large tech companies only join protocols like this with the aim of killing them; any Mastodon instance worth its salt should defederate from Meta as soon as they go live with it.



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This is one of the better articles I’ve read on this subject, but there’s still an underlying message of “joining Meta is inevitable since all online platforms want to be the biggest at any cost” - which I don’t think is the case with the Fediverse.


To me, threads is inconsequential. It’s just another twitter clone that I, and everyone else, doesn’t need to bother with.

The paranoid part of me thinks this article is paid psychological manipulation in favour of threads by overstating the impact of it; but it’s probably just a stupid article written by a dissociated journalist that’s spent too much time around venture capitalists while also not really understanding the philosophy of FOSS.


To me, threads is inconsequential. It’s just another twitter clone


I never liked Twitter, so why should I want to use a clone (and, FWIW, that includes Mastadon).

I prefer platforms that are designed for discussion, not for publishing opinions with arbitrarily small character limits.


I mean yeah you're on a Lemmy instance which means you probably wouldn't see much from threads anyway. It's really Mastodon users who should be having the conversation


I do have a mastodon account, but only for keeping tabs on the war in Ukraine and some random posts to do with FOSS.


I agree, that’s the biggest reason I’ve never been able to use Twitter/Mastadon, you either get short mostly superfluous comments or chains of tweets that usually just confuse me as to who was saying what to who 🙈


I wouldn’t put it past Meta to flood the zone with some of these “Fediverse is ultimately flawed” articles to try to wear people down.

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