mint, avatar

strapping goggles to my head to send an email sounds like what my personal hell is going to be like

imo VR is fun for games but beyond that it's too dystopic for my taste lol

Gork, avatar

Just wait until the AR ads are integrated into the headset. The future is gonna get spammy.

XLRV, avatar

Lol, that's true, VR games are cool, but using a big headset like this to do anything else would be annoying, unconfortable, Google Glass was at least light and small.


Fully agree. I think there are some practical, workforce related, use cases for AR/VR, but the idea of strapping into one for 8+ hours a day... No thanks.


It's an expensive gadget for a niche audience.

BuboScandiacus, avatar

No. Especially if it is 100% proprietary.


No, but I like the idea of immersive VR & ai for learning


The thing is. If you're in a tropical country.

Yes that's it. The sweat, the rashes. The smelly goggles from the dried sweat.


I don't even want to read regular ear-covering headphones all the time.


Hell no. Oculus seemed like a really cool product when I was 17 and in love with "Ready Player One", but now that we've seen the way that Big Tech just treats its users as profit-cattle fed on a diet of ads and angry people, I have no fucking desire to strap one of those things to my head (outside of actually gaming...then it's kinda cool).


Honestly what I want to actually catch on is something that I don't think the tech is really ready for yet, an AR device that is kinda like extra bulky glasses, and doesn't actually impede vision while having the flexibility that they were showing with this device of where you can put displays and how you interact with it

Considering this is apple though we'll see what direction they go, they are likely to get at least a large portion of people following them


I can't even stand wearing my glasses all day, and those are a thousand times lighter and more useful than this.


@xorels @milkpiss I love my glasses


Nope and especially not for 4k

bashrc, avatar

For myself, the answer is no. Something lightweight and comparable to spactacles I might wear. Anything heavier which needs to be strapped on I would not use.

BitOneZero, avatar

I've seen many people comment and discuss that post-pandemic they miss wearing a mask in public. I know some people really hate wearing masks, but others felt it gave them more privacy and other benefits.

Musicians (and other "Joe Cool" characters) often like to wear their sungllsses indoors and at night


I mean, no.

I think at most it's somewhat comparable to sitting down at an old fashioned desktop computer. It's your primary focus of attention. When you're not using it, you take it off.

The example of a dad doing a real-time recording of himself playing with his kids is cringy AF.


Honestly though, if there is one thing Apple is really good at, it's normalizing things that many might perceive as weird at first. I remember owning a first-gen Pebble, and I had numerous people jest about dorky it was with gems like, "You totally owned a calculator watch didn't you?" Fast forward a few years, and Apple Watches are everywhere. Wearing a Vision headset at a kids birthday party will probably be on the same level as busting out an iPad to capture a video.


Maybe if they're normal, they'll still be contextual. Earbuds are totally normal, but unless they're hearing aids, it would not be socially acceptable to just have your earbuds in all the time at your kid's birthday party.

These I think are like earbuds for your eyes. Yes, they can have a mode where you interact with the outside world without removing them, but that's only for intermittent use. If you and I have a conversation, you'll likely remove your earbuds.


I'm pretty sure that was keynote-friendly code for "look how detailed the VR porn is going to be."


Being able to walk around with a computer on your head is the second step in becoming a cyborg. It's going to happen O.O


Yeah totally agreed. Especially if it's made by Apple lmfao


Yeah everything was fine until it started injecting needles into my mind

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