really nice, and very reasonably priced add ons. Not like the compania with the big A charging 25 bucks for a camera cable adapter or something

@UngodlyAudrey@beehaw.org avatar

Yeah, I think I’ll pass. The Raspberry Pi people hired a former police officer who used their stuff in hidden surveillance. Then when people called them out on it on Twitter, Pi blocked those who did. petapixel.com/…/raspberry-pi-under-fire-by-creato…


Was just thinking that when I read the news. Since there are (better?) alternatives out there it’s not hard not to support them.

@ultratiem@lemmy.ca avatar

I don’t know if it’s better, but Orange Pi looks great. And there’s another one based on the Pi spec. Can’t comment on how they run their businesses.


I have 5 different Orange Pi devices of varying types and they all work well. I don’t have the higher end one that was competing with the Pi 4 and such, but some of the smaller/low end ones. They all run Armbian and do what they need to do for me without any fuss. Given my experience with the smaller ones if I needed something faster now I wouldn’t have any reservations about buying the bigger ones.

The main problem I had was finding reputable sellers, even when I did find one it only shipped from China. Took them a while to get here but otherwise it was fine. I think the more popular/faster models may have some resellers on Amazon that ship from the US now.

ram, (edited )

The same thing happened on their mastodon too.^[A Case Study on Raspberry Pi’s Incident on the Fediverse - eiara.nz/…/a-case-study-on-raspberry-pis-incident…] It was wild.


Wonder if it’ll be able to emulate a PS2 or N64 game properly. You know, systems that came out 20+ years ago?


N64 has unique architecture that makes it very challenging to emulate even on hardware several orders of magnitude more powerful. I’ve struggled to run it on a full-size PC with a 7th gen i5 processor.


Is this a complaint?


No, it’s a hope. So close with the Pi4, I’m hoping this one is finally capable.

And yeah, actual availability would be nice too.


According to the press release it’s about 3 times faster–only time will tell but I’m optimistic!

@mp3@lemmy.ca avatar

Emulating those platform is significantly more resource intensive since you need to emulate the entire architecture and interpret the assembly code, while more modern game consoles are running either ARM or x86/amd64 which makes emulating relatively simpler.


Irrelevant. I’ll never find it for sale. Cool tech though.


I’m hype for this, assuming I can get one

StarServal avatar

Everything about this is impressive except that they removed the analogue audio jack. Arcade modders are going to have to find an alternative solution to audio.


Can’t you get audio out via the HDMI ports?

pirate526 avatar

It sucks but a cheap USB sound blaster would work fine here..

Teppic avatar

There are already plenty of audio hats available, indeed they are recommended for better quality sound.

@bbbhltz@beehaw.org avatar

Good timing… my little ol’ Pi kicked the bucket after many years of excellent home media centre and server work just last week.


That’s awesome, but the real question is - will we be able to buy one for MSRP?

@alfonsojon@beehaw.org avatar

I’ve been wanting one for so long and it’s been hard

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