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They changed the UI a bit, added 2 useless features and called it a day. Who the hell needs 5 different browsers?

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Who gave the approval on the

It's bad, really bad. If they wanted to have it split they could have at least played with it like this:
Make it sound like the new browser is OP and it's the era of ONE, One Opera. But you know, whatever.

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Not trusting a company that offered predatory loans with my data

Though I don’t trust any company/ai with my data I think most people here do


I already don't trust a Chinese browser in of itself, so I'm sure as hell not going to trust a Chinese browser with an integrated AI.


Am game as long as the AI runs locally, and doesn't siphon every website I visit to their server.


Bonzi Buddy has entered the chat.


It doesn't appear to

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Why climb a mountain? Why eat an elephant? Why wear pants?

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Sheesh, Opera remember when Opera was the best choice for users with slow internet? Remember the great built-in email client and XMPP clients? Now...this?

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Opera is Chinese nowadays, former opera devs made Vivaldi.

user, avatar

Honestly, Vivaldi is the single best Chromium-based browser. Sad it doesn't get more recognition.

cwagner, avatar

Personally, I don’t care much, all Chromium browsers are Chromium browsers and toxic.

user, avatar

True enough, though you can't deny their features are quite unique. The day Firefox adds tab tiling will be pure bliss.

cwagner, avatar

My favourite unique feature is container tabs on FF ;) Second is probably uBlock Origin CNAME uncloaking.

Tab tiling seems nice, but the few times I need something like that, I’m happy to replicate it by tiling multiple windows.


I hope they make Container Tabs work on Android Firefox soon, it's the one Add-on I can't make work with the Android Firefox Nightly workaround.


The company that owns Opera nowadays is pretty shady, I'd never trust their code to run on any of my devices.

cwagner, avatar

As I said, it’s a Chinese company, most people not on lemmygrad are suspicious of Chinese software ;)


The tab stacking and visual mouse gestures were awesome back in the day! I'd never use a modern Opera product (and stopped after they switched to Chromium) unfortunately the company that owns it made a bunch of money through predatory payday loan apps in a few developing countries.

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Oh yeah I totally forgot about gestures. That was a neat feature at the time.


If Opera had stayed in its lane, it would be pretty much Vivaldi.

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I don't get what generative ai could add to my browsing experience. How ever I do think it makes a good search engine.


a "search engine" that hallucinates results, including but not limited to non-existent court cases.

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And what? Half the shit on Google is completely wrong as well.


Google actually pulls results from web pages.

you know how some smartphone keyboards predict the next word that you're going to use, and you can form a comprehensible sentence that sometimes even makes sense by simply tapping the next word on the prediction bar over and over? that's what those language models do. they don't actually search for anything, they just create sequences of words that sound probable.

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It seems that Bing chat bot searches then reads the results and gives you the answer.

I know it's basically predictive text but if the prompt contains a relevant info then the predictive text is likely to be the answer you're looking for so it works well.

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Yeah but you can tell from the context that search results are just a list of random web pages that maybe what Google says is bollocks.

Google gives you a bunch of results and says "here, look at these". LLMs confidently tell you things that they may have simply made up and present them as if they're real.

Fizz, avatar

Its an infant tech so there's obviously issues but if you go ask chat gpt how do I play poker you will get a short concise and accurate answer. In my opinion that's the strength of ai as a search engine. Sometimes I just want an answer to my question and don't want to dig through multiple webpages all filled with ads and hostile design.

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