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Always wild to me that this is Del from TCaP.


I think this should be a warning to anyone running a federated socmed node. Since twitter had to deal with an absolutely massive userbase and high content generation rate, moderation required a full time department and even then it wasn’t perfect. Imagine having to deal with that as a large node admin.

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Why is this whole platform obsessed with twitter. I thought people came here to get away from mainstream social media, not hang on every little detail of how a rich dude mismanages his latest purchase.


Maybe it’s just morbid fascination with the slow motion trainwreck that’s Twitter?


You think the old bird is bad, you should see the rabid slobbering of neckbeards still obsessed with reddit or the masticating Meta connecting Threads to Activity pub. The impotent outrage is palpable.


[…] do you think Twitter, the platform, is dead?

[…] dead in what way? There’s a very active right-wing Nazi group, some very active groups on there.

That’s a KO.

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This is one month old fyi

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It's wild that a site with hundreds of millions of users, didn't invest into multiple-account deletion tools.
True start-up mentality, that one.

Just shows how our "critical" social media is really just some hasty tape and bubblegum behind the scenes to keep the front from falling apart.

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