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150 Mb FTTH for $90 in Newfoundland


8.75€ 100MB/s up and down - Ukraine


50/50 for 23 EUR. I used to have 500/500, but 99% of the time I didn’t need that much, so I thought why should I pay more for something I don’t need.


25€, 50Mbps, Italy.

I’m literally <100 meters away from the fiber cabinet, yet it doesn’t reach my house, so all I have is FTTC.

With the last mile covered I’d probably get 1Gbps up&down.



Austin, Texas, US. 2Gbps down 1Gbps up for $100 a month with Google Fiber

rmuk, (edited )

UK here.

1000Mb/s symmetric FTTP, unlimited data for £29/mo, though I’m currently paying £1/mo as part of a promotion from YouFibre. Speeds as advertised, especially moving data to my server at work which is also on YouFibre - it’s like being on-site.

I’ve also got an unlimited data SIM card as a backup. Speeds vary but it’s usually over 800Mb/s down and 200Mb/s up. That’s £15/mo from Three.


1000/1000 Google Fiber $40/month (since I’m broke the government covers half). Utah, US


1250/40, $90/mo, Suburb if Denver, CO. Comcast. 1TB data cap.

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My employer pays for it

Edit: I lied. My girlfriends employer also pays for it. We technically make money from it


I have two services load balanced by my router because reliability isn’t so great.

Fiber claimed to be 500/500 for $55 but includes the home phone and runs at about 360/560.

Cable 500/? for $40, runs at about 550/29.


Lithuania. 1000Mbps download. 500Mbps upload. 7€. No data caps.


1000/400 mbps down/up for 40€ /month. Portugal


1.5k php/month in Philippines for 200 mbps no capping


900 down 100 up. £60/month. UK


130 down 20 up. £24/month. UK


800 down 35 up, $70 1.2 tb/month cap in Portland. I tried to switch over to century link but the installer said my apartment is too old. They’ve got 1gbps up and down for $70.

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