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Wow, that was way ahead of its time for 1993. I remember in 1991 or so my dad showing me how he could connect to a library in Italy over the internet, maybe using Gopher or something. My reaction was ‘why tf would we want to do that? Sounds useless’. Not sure why, because in 1984 we had a Commodore 64 game with a big ad for People Link. I asked my mom if we could sign up because chatting with other people through a computer sounded awesome and she told me no, I’d get molested (also very forward-thinking).


Can’t tell if this is more or less dumb then an NFT


Less, because you at least have the frame.


Less: they get a piece of paper with a drawing on it, which, unlike an NFT, might actually rise in value over time. Even if it doesn’t, they can doodle on the back of it or use it to wipe up a spill. Try to do that with a Bored Ape!


In another 30 years I bet that saying will still be in use.

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Annnnnddd… right click.

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I think you missed the point. The auction was for the original.


Ahhh, analog NFTs, siiick!

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At least someone got the gag. No sense of humor around here. :)

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