The other comments are quite negative here, but I do kind of enjoy how Musk seems to think he’s like this hilarious, popular dude while he’s sitting in his office talking to nazis on the social media platform he had to buy so people couldn’t block him, and then every time he shows up at an event where he’s exposed to actual normal people he just gets loudly booed out of the room lol.

I was saying boo-urns gif

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So we're keeping the reddit trend of posting any tabloid-level "headline" about Musk as if it's technology news?


Space man bad


It’s provocative. It gets the people going.


That and more! There’s even a community called “Enough Musk Spam” that ironically enough only posts Musk spam.


Those subs are more of a "Enough positive fluff news spam about people who are terrible people". So they post the negative stories about the person.

I would certainly prefer seeing the above article than one that claims Musk is a genius engineer.

whileloop, avatar

We need a mod like “not enough Musk spam” or “too many musk spam”.



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  • jerome,
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    It's a musky tusk.

    discodoubloon avatar

    It’s so people who are tired of talking about Elon Musk can complain about him all the time…

    MonsieurHedge avatar

    In a better world, the crowd would have rushed him and beaten him to death with their bare hands.

    Zima avatar

    The one thing about vocal tankies and doomers is that it's easy to tell them appart and block them.


    Oh, I dunno, I personally enjoy watching crowds boo this jackass. It’s not tech news, but I’m willing to allow it.


    Honesty here, I’d call him a poes to his face if I could. Make it happen lemmy.

    twistedtxb, avatar

    omg who the fuck cares. please stop posting Elon being Elon.


    This is just the tech equivalent of tabloid gossip, and is worthless as tech news. Grow up OP

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