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No way to opt out. How about leave

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Just fucking leave! Do it! Delete FB and hit the gym!


Hit the lawyer, deleted gym, Facebook up…

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If you’re still using Facebook in 2023 you deserve this

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Unfortunately there’s a lot of things that communicate only via Facebook, and they’ve decimated Craigslist so it’s the only place to sell crap.


Not true.

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Yeah huh!


Unfortunately there’s a lot of things that communicate only via Facebook, and they’ve decimated Craigslist so it’s the only place to sell crap.

Undead marketers?


I don’t deal with any business that uses solely facebook as means for communication. I don’t miss them, the platform does a bit less and things get less enshitified. Craigslist isn’t that bad, I still use them all the time, people are much better than the flakes I used to deal with on facebook marketplace. There will be a federated classifieds soon, I’m sure, and the people will regain that corner of the market again.


lot of dumbass small businesses using it when they should have a website


Which is so dumb, making a website isn’t that hard with all the tools that will do it for you and are advertised on every pod that has ever been cast.


That’s true, but on the otther hand, nobody GenZ or onwards checks for websites anymore. Most people will look up a business on instagram first, so I don’t blame them, especially small businesses, when they operate on social media primarily.


What? Myself and most of my friends are Gen Z and nobody I know does this. Google Maps is always the first place I look, and 70% of the time I click through to the business’s actual site.

Hell, most of us barely use IG at all anymore


That’s great then. I’m a musician so not a business per se, but I need to promote my music and act as a business in that regard. My anecdotal experience - Even though I have a linktree as my “website”, most people who look me up when I post my music search my social media profiles instead. From the business pov, it makes sense because getting a follow on social media means long term visibility and engagement, instead of viewing a website one time and forgetting about it; unless you have a newsletter people can sign up for (if they even bother). So I agree that websites should still be a thing, on the other hand I also understand how small businesses choose to operate on social media.


I took the phrase “small business” to mean places with an actual storefront (restaurants, small shops, studios, and so on) who use FB or IG in lieu of having their own site. For those places it makes particularly little sense because social media isn’t most people’s first port of call when they’re looking for somewhere to eat dinner or go thrifting.


Let me explain,

You study a college, everyone has a Facebook account so it makes sense for teachers to just notify students through Facebook. If everyone has a Facebook account and you dont, its your problem. Noone is going to message you via email just for you.

A different example, You go to an Office. There is a huge notice board. Its filled with notices and there is a huge queue. The office management has not made it digital so the staff members themselves setup a Facebook page and post the pics of notices. Because they know how to use Facebook and everyone around them use Facebook. So what kind of fool would reject that convinience in looking up notices and go queue up in there?


Sounds like a made up problem!

Even in your example, absolutely no one forced anyone to use it as a “social media” app. If it is a matter of convenience to access the notices, or talk to teacher, then use it like how you would use school/work apps such as canvas/blackboard/slack/teams apps. Stop using it beyond it’s purpose. Which is to say, add “friends” if you have to so that you can access notices or messages from your teacher or whatever. But doom scrolling on clickbait and keeping tabs on Exes shouldn’t be done.


Thats what I totally avoid



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  • cy_narrator,

    Because we are poor and that is an affortable institution


    I think you missed the point and focused only on the examples provided



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  • nooj,

    It’s not so much about Meta itself but a social network can be very useful. It just so happens to be that the most popular one currently is Facebook. If someone decides they want to use and would benefit from the services a social network has to offer then naturally they’re going to want to use the one that almost all the people they know are already using. No point using social network B while all your friends and family are only using social network A. That would be like wanting to party/socialise in the city at night but only going to empty bars and then scratching your head about why you have no one to talk to. You go to the bar that’s popular. The choice of which one is already made for you if that’s the kind of thing you want to do.

    Don’t get me wrong, I spend about a minute on Facebook a month, I find it very useful for events especially. Given the convenience of the tools available, I don’t expect people to message me directly when they’re organising a medium to large gathering.



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  • nooj,

    My best friend is planning her hens do and she invited me only on Facebook and didn’t reach out to me personally. Would you say she is an acquaintance at best?


    If I could get all my friends and family to stop using it, I would. Unfortunately they and also several communities I’m a part of choose to continue using Facebook and IG and nothing else, and if I’m not on there I only learn about events and such by word of mouth several weeks later, after they’re over. I have tried to convince them to leave or at least cross-post on other communities but they look at me like a crazy person and don’t care.



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  • helenslunch,

    When your group is several thousand people, that can be tiring, and you may not have their phone numbers.


    You are not friend with thousands of people. You are friends with a tiny subset of them, about 5 is avarage, so just get them to talk to you.


    Yes. I am.


    Well in that case you have better memory than any human who has ever existed. Also they also have better memory than any human who is better existed.

    So there is apparently 1,000 people out there who are freaks of nature and no one’s noticed.

    Come on dude it’s literally impossible to remember 1,000 people’s names, even if you had met even half of them. Which you haven’t because you can’t meet 1,000 people in any real sense, you can see 1,000 people in a stadium perhaps but you can’t really interact with them in any meaningful way.

    Just because it says there your friends on Facebook doesn’t mean they actually are your friends. In that you know them and would attend their weddings.


    In that you know them and would attend their weddings.

    Well, most of them no. But we are all part of a community that does activities together on a regular basis.



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  • helenslunch,

    Okay well, I am and I do. Not trying to speak for anyone else.

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    I’m in a similar situation. I’m also in a town where I have no friends and I can only keep in touch with the friends I have via Facebook, and then a handful by other methods. My brother is also ASD and Facebook is his preferred communications medium. I really wonder if I’ll ever hear from him again if Facebook goes down. He’s never once called me or emailed me and I don’t know his phone number or email address.


    I’m also in a town where I have no friends

    I’m in a city and have no friends. :'(

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    Sucky. I’ve been here almost 10 years too.


    I opted out almost 8 years ago be deleting my Facebook account. I would highly recommend.


    I was just about to say either deleting your account or not using the service is an opt-out, but you beat me to it.


    “no way to opt out”

    laughs in no account


    Does that matter? Facebook, Insta and Threads are all owned by the same company.

    Why shouldn’t they merge them all together? Gmail sends appointments, flights, etc to Google Calendar. Should I be outraged by that too?

    If you’re still oversharing on Facebook at this point, you know what you’re getting into. Even those that post that nonsense “I do NOT give Facebook permission” spam that highlights everyone vulnerable to other scams.

    01189998819991197253, avatar

    and there’s no way to opt out

    Allow me to show you a way to opt out


    No need to opt out if you never opted in.


    Decino: “You can just leave.”


    Be the change most of us want to see and the world needs. Stop using their products and making excuses for why you need them.


    I use Pi-Hole + uBlock origin, there is nothing FB can do to make me read this shit.

    I keep an account there to catch up with relatives in other countries, nothing else gets on my feed.

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    Wow, what a surprise to no one.


    there’s no way to opt out

    Yes there is a way to opt out. Just opt out of Facebook and Meta products all together.


    If not everyone using messenger, I would. I’m not using Facebook tho, but it doesn’t help much


    Everyone has an excuse but you’ve gotta start somewhere. There are probably hundreds of ways to message people and we would all survive if Meta and it’s products vanished.


    Just use the Messenger app or then, you won’t see Threads promotions nor be exposed to other Facebook stuff


    I believe you can disable your Facebook account but still use Messenger, couple of my friends don’t have a profile but can still message.


    I use Facebook Messenger but not Facebook or Treads, just set up bare minimum profile and highest privacy settings.


    I don’t know anyone who uses messenger WhatsApp sure but messenger? Really?


    That is Muricans’ way of life.


    Depends on where you live, Australia I believe use Messenger more than other applications.

    WhatsApp didn’t catch on here outside of the big cities.


    Any company run by Mumsnet huns seems to use it by default…


    Is that because no one is using Threads?

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    Threads was already dead when porn was banned, that’s why it’s so hard for people to move from twitter.


    I don’t understand why people use Twitter or Reddit for porn. There are dedicated sites for that stuff.


    Twitter used to be a good place for artists in general, not too sure about now. Never really understood reddit tho.


    I think people use things like Reddit for anything because Reddit has a built in system of human curation. It’s not just SEO engineered garbage fake websites like basically every search engine will yield now, or sites’ internal searches pushing you to their top players instead of what you’re actually searching for.

    generic, avatar

    Threads still exists? People still use Threads?


    Same could be said about Facebook

    generic, avatar

    Yes, but most people have actually heard of Facebook.


    I stopped it by using this simple trick.


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