I thought this was when they’re ending support for Windows 10. Does this mean that they normally continue security updated for longer, and this is an exception?


I mean, yes, that’s what happens 🤷‍♂️


This is the best news Linux could ever get, it’ll speed up development by 10 or 11 fold!


Looks like no more Windows 10 updates

@dylanTheDeveloper@lemmy.world avatar

They can secure Deez nutz


Oh no!

Anyway, think how great gaming on Linux will be in 2 years.

My only holdback is modding - it’s tougher to do without dancing among wine configs. Really hoping for some innovation there.


I mean, it is great now, it’ll just keep getting better.




I was dualboxing windows and endeavouros until I realized I was getting objectively superior performance for all games on linux. Deleted windows entirely and haven’t looked back since.


This will drive people to macOS before it drives them to Linux. I’m calling it now.


Doesn’t this violation of customer service laws or something.


Remember that million page document people accept without reading?


The one that isn’t valid in most courts?


IANAL, but I don’t know if that’s relevant unless someone takes Microsoft to court.


I figured its about as relevant as anything else when it comes to a company as rich as microsoft, they could send a hit squad round to shoot your dad and leave a signed confession and still probably win the case through sheer weight of money.

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So pirate Windows 11 or switch to Linux?


Or just run Win 10 forever.

I’ve still got customers on Windows XP.


Join the Free World!


You can extend your security on deez nuts

@spiderkle@lemmy.ca avatar

German Government is still paying for XP and Win7 Updates, because some software just isn’t available on newer OS’s.


Fuck off Microsoft.

@spyd3r@sh.itjust.works avatar

I’m going to flip that back on them, Microsoft will have to pay me to update my OS.


Next personal GFX update I’m going AMD and installing Linux on my gaming PC no matter what

But I get it, you don’t want to maintain old builds forever. And given that certain systems still run Windows XP you have to force people and money is the only thing that talks


Why wait?


Running windows 10 no issues so far. And heard Wayland has Nvidia issues


Not just Wayland.

Every experience I’ve had so far with running anything Linux on Nvidia hardware has been unpredictable to say the least. Not just personal experience but those around me as well. Somehow it always comes down to driver compatibility issues, and there is a reason Torvalds used such strong words when describing the developer experience in dealing with Nvidia.

And these problems will likely persist until they decide to fully publish the source for their drivers.


All the trouble I never had was with ATI/AMD cards, never with Nvidia.

And they’ll never open source their drivers because they don’t give a shit about half a percent of market share. The only reason they even bother maintaining a free Linux driver is because we provide free testing, which they can use for their professional cards where the big money is.

But I never understood people’s obsession with Nvidia bring open source, it’s not like it’s the only proprietary Linux driver, or the only one with incompatible license etc.


Tbf it depends what you do, but some distros just work with Nvidia apparently

@GladiusB@lemmy.world avatar

The problem with Linux builds is game compatibility. Many are windows only. Sure you can use Wine or Proton, but that isn’t everyone. And they don’t seem stable for long.

Steam UI is a good step forward.


I’ll just not play those. But anticheats might suck

@GladiusB@lemmy.world avatar

There are many games that have compatibility issues. I would check for your favorites first. Elden ring, cyberpunk, many others

force, (edited )

Yeah good luck with games, support on Linux has gotten way better over the years but it’s still severely lacking (mainly due to anticheats or game developers intentionally not supporting Linux). Even with games that you can play on Linux, they require an annoying amount of tweaking to actually get running.

Steam Deck gives me hope for Linux gaming but I don’t think it’ll ever have as much support as Windows gaming, in fact a surprisingly high amount of games have a Linux detection system that blocks Linux players because fuck you I guess…

But you can’t really blame Linux for this, it’s mostly the fault of aggressive anticheat that shouldn’t exist in the first place, or shitty companies wanting to block Linux players from playing their games.

As for Nvidia, I’ve personally had no issue and in fact I run into more situations where having an Nvidia graphics card is better – encoding (great for recording games) and DLSS, for example. But that’s just my experience, I’m sure it’s just coincidental because I don’t play that many games anymore.


My daily driver is an endeavorOS install, the only reason I keep windows 10 on a small SSD is for GeForce Now since the windows app is the only platform they provide that supports streams at 120+fps and 1440p. My windows 10 install is just a GeForce Now thin client ever since I got att fiber.


My windows install is just for piracy

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