Elon Musk loses over 400 satellites in 3 months according to data from space-track.org (defense contractor used), and over 1,000 for the lifespan of the company

I received a lot of flack in my other posts for providing this data in conjunction with his efforts to raise money. I separated this post in order to comply with the rules. reuters.com/…/musks-spacex-approaches-investors-a…

To verify the satellite data click the bottom left box that shows the fireball.

Idk how this news isn’t mainstream. A loss of 1,000 satellites before the lifespan of 5 years is a major story.

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I thought Starlink was really cool when I first heard about it. I know people that use it because it’s the best Internet available to them. But I’m not sure if the amount of space waste they are creating is worth it.

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Literally zero of these satellites will ever create "space waste" as they are far too low to linger up there. Every single one of them will fall back to earth and burn up in the atmosphere.


This stuff falls back into the atmosphere and burns up quite rapidly since it’s in extremely low orbit.

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Even if 100% of the stuff burns up, it’s a lot of energy and materials that needs to be constantly replaced. Seems like a lot of maintenance to keep the array operating long-term.

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That's what Starship is for. It's probably never going to see Mars' surface. That's just the excuse they use to build a gigantic cheap-ass space truck built by blue-collar welders to haul a shitload of them up there at once. They haven't solved the problems of cryo boiloff on long duration missions, and Starship is powered by methalox all the way.

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Also vaporizing metals being added to the upper atmosphere isn’t exactly great.

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Isn’t great how? Like in a going to make global warming-worse way or going to give us cancer way?

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Few months ago an article was published about how the rockets was warming the upper atmosphere and it was bad for it.

teft, (edited )
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There are several effects this could have on Earth and the atmosphere. The presence of these particles could affect how water freezes into ice in the stratosphere, and influence the size of stratospheric aerosol particles. They could also induce salt deposition on aerosol particles, and alter the stratospheric refraction of light.

These may seem like subtle changes, but they could have unintended consequences that we really ought to investigate, the researchers say.

Link here

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Is there enough of that that it is a real concern? I don't know either way, just sounds like something that would be too small to make any measurable difference, even if like 50x as many were burning up.

Edit: Nevermind, the link says that in at least some cases, yes. Missed it when I skimmed first.


This is what scares me the most. At a certain point, we’ll just have to go “whoops, our planet has no more resources to leech”, and we’ll be permanently stuck in stone age

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Where do you think the satellites are going when they fall out of orbit?

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It's priced into the system's economics. This article is sensationalizing a nothingburger.


You make a good point there for sure. The lower the orbit, the faster the return and burn up, but the lower the latency as well. That’s why usual satellite internet sucks so badly. Those satellites are in geostationary orbit and light takes 0.7 seconds to get there and back.


Data showing it’s happening within a day.


It’s hard to put a value on access to high speed internet, because it’s such a force multiplier for productivity, art, and culture.

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Fucking FUD to the extreme. This is the expected lifetime of these satellites. How many times do you fuckwits have to be told this?

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In the 2 hours since this user account was created, they posted 10 times linking to satellitemap.space. And his account is just adding "45" to "ilovelemmy123", a banned user.

I don't trust this website. I don't trust OP. I think he's just dodging a ban. FOH.

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Yeah, I've seen this guy posting waves of spam about this single issue for what seems like months now. He does it until he gets banned and then comes back with a new account a while later.

Last time around he was talking about how UFOs were shooting Starlink satellites down. At this point it's pretty clear to me he's got issues.


Starlink is the world’s largest satellite company and boasts a network of about 5,000 low-Earth orbit satellites.

So I see two things here right off the bat. First, a loss of >= 20% seems really high. Aside from the financial implications and service impacts, we have environmental concerns of atmospheric pollution caused by launches and satellite debris. And of course, SoaceX will be permitted to externalize those costs by not having to pay for any of the effects caused or for cleanup. That will be on the taxpayers and the global population to absorb, so that SpaceX can continue to print money with no responsibility.

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Title is sensationalist bs. People obsessed with elmo again.

Although it would be cool to know how normal is to lose units to the atmosphere.


They’re always in the last place you look!

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Holy shit. How does that failure rate compare with other organizations? It’s a major cost to lose a satellite those things aren’t cheap in the slightest.

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This is exactly how the system is designed to work. SpaceX has launchers cheap enough to make this economical.

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