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Haven’t they done this since like Windows 8 or even 7? Thought it was pretty much mandatory already tbh.


Not really. There’s always a skip or cancel button or “sign in another way” prompt somewhere. I think this means they’re going to start prompting people more often.


ah this one is easy, it’s called use linux.

Stop coping and use linux.

This has been: your local linux user, thank you for having me.

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This crap is getting annoying. Most people are office workers with no say about their day to day OS.




Office workers will not be getting pestered to sign up for a Microsoft account.


you best be sure they’ll be paying for it though!

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I love how microsoft is becoming more and more supportive of linux!! Thanks

(by making the switch to linux more enticing)


ITT: dudes stroking their cocks with the thought of Linux numbers increasing.




2024 is the year of the Linux desktop



All shall tremble before the might of the obscure OS with their mighty percentage usage of…

checks usage



[Users being treated as owners of their hardware instead of sheep to fleece]

Linux people: oh fuck yeah spread it

LinusWorks4Mo avatar

I had switched to Linux the moment they introduced Win10 and telemetry back when, with great success. Dual booted for a long time for gaming but even that is no longer needed now since a few years ago. built my first amd only rig in 2019 which was a game changer.


Boy were you ever late. :p I switched when Win2k was no longer viable & the option would have been WinXP - that was already phoning home.


I made it through until Win11 announced (Had to because of work). Once 11 was announced I just said fuck it, and have been Linux since.

I no longer have any computers in my house running windows except a 10 year old Laptop that is available for the really weird and off windows requirements (like ESPHome programming)


If only AMD would get their asses to release a stable and functional ROCM implementation, I could migrate 100% to Linux.


have you tried the rocm docker containers that amd makes for your needs? it pretty much makes installing rocm on the base OS unneeded for me. hub.docker.com/u/rocmgithub.com/ROCm/ROCm-docker


AFAIK, cards older than GFX1030 require manual setup, including building parts of ROCM with modified flags, since v5.1

waitmarks, (edited )

There is one extra step. I have an 6700xt, and with the docker containers, you just have to pass the environment variable HSA_OVERRIDE_GFX_VERSION=10.3.0 to allow that card to work. For cards other than 6000 series, you would need to look up the version to pass for your generation.

Here’s an example compose file that I use for ollama that runs ai models on my 6700xt.

<span style="color:#323232;">version: '3'
</span><span style="color:#323232;">services:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">  ollama:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    image: ollama/ollama:rocm
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    container_name: ollama
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    devices:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">      - /dev/kfd:/dev/kfd
</span><span style="color:#323232;">      - /dev/dri:/dev/dri
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    group_add:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">      - video
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    ports:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">      - "11434:11434"
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    environment:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">      - HSA_OVERRIDE_GFX_VERSION=10.3.0
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    volumes:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">      - ollama_data:/root/.ollama
</span><span style="color:#323232;">
</span><span style="color:#323232;">volumes:
</span><span style="color:#323232;">  ollama_data:

How about reinstall it fresh and run that OOBE command during the initial setup? Idk if it’s still working or not


Install Linux and be done with the microshit nonsense.

“Oh but this particular thing requires 20 minutes of my time to figure it out” then take 20 minutes. On windows you took a lot more, you can spare this

But “insert specific hardware or software here” doesn’t work in Linux! Then find alternate ways. I’ve used a Linux desktop for well over 29 years now, I had problems , like everyone else, but I never faced any of this and all the other bullshit from Microsoft. Bluetooth didn’t work? I got a different adapter that does have Linux drivers.

Linux is growing bigger and bigger, more companies will support it, just use it. Worst case you change problem a for problem b but at least you’re no longer paying to be spied on.

F everything about Microsoft

@Amir@lemmy.ml avatar

Give me HTC Vive SR-Anipal drivers, HP Reverb G2 Omnicept SDK drivers (yes, I know it’s discontinued from 24H2), and I might consider switching to Linux.

So, not happening.


well aero was pretty, and the age of empires games were fun.

exanime, (edited )

Exactly this, Windows has NEVER been a “it just works” desktop and people complain bitterly about it until Linux is offered… Suddenly “it works differently than windows” becomes an insurmountable obstacle people don’t dare to take

Even LTT did this in their windows vs Linux comparison a couple of years back. Basically they introduced every possible user error (like not realizing they were copying a 4 GB file and expected it to copy under a second) as a Linux problem… I mean, come on!

In the end it’s the exact situation as with pick up drivers… “Try to haul 10 tons of maneure on a Prius!”… Sure if you truly need to do that daily, stick with your truck, but the vast majority of pick up owners could have a normal sized car and barely would need to take special actions once a year


It’s also always been strange to me, because the default response to any issue with Windows when I used it was “just reinstall”

Even at work, my laptop got kicked off of Active Directory - they tried to fix it for a couple days and ended up with“we have to reimage it”


also, Linux is better at that kind of utility task.


While I wholeheartedly agree with the notion of “switch to Linux if you can”, sometimes people can’t do this due to obscure work software, specific hardware they can’t afford to change, or something else.

I know that being on Linux all those Windows enshittification news appear very distant, but some people literally can’t escape Windows for now - it’s not only those who are reluctant - and those news are bad news.

For those who consider Linux, though - by all means go for it. You can install Linux alongside Windows (preferably on another physical drive, but same drive will do), and just tinker with it and see how it feels. Don’t just toy with it, actually try to use it. As with any system, it might seem a bit weird for your first few hours, but when (if) you’ll be ready to make a switch, you really won’t look back.

Linux is not just an “ideological” choice. It is faster (you may not notice this on Windows, but even on greatest of computers Windows is lagging a bit, and you’ll feel the difference); it doesn’t bombard you with anything, it doesn’t shill you anything, it doesn’t do what you didn’t ask, it just gets the job done exactly the way you want it to.

And it’s insanely satisfying. Silence and control. For once, you actually are a master of your system.

Choose some distribution that supports KDE Plasma desktop - be it Fedora KDE, Manjaro KDE, KDE Neon or anything else - they will all do. KDE will make your experience way more Windows-like, and it will be easier to switch. In fact, KDE is what Windows desktop wish it could be.

Or, if you feel nostalgic for Windows 7 era, choose Cinnamon-based distros, especially Linux Mint.

And just run it. The time is now.


It grinds my gears for so many reasons, but most of all, it creates a huge vulnerability with little or no benefit to the end user. Needlessly adding extra online exposure, just so they can data mine.

tigerjerusalem, (edited )

“oh, just switch to Linux”

Oh, just shut up already. On Linux my fingerprint reader doesn’t work, my Adobe apps doesn’t run, my Concepts app doesn’t run. Not everybody works in IT, and many of us actually run apps other than Office ones.

This shit sucks, and I’ll support every tool that fixes and neuters Microsoft attacks to the user space because my work apps are there.


Nobody used Adobe whatever 30 years ago and I bet that 30 years ago there were people working on video and graphics to sell products and to make photos 😁. Meaning stop using those tools. The tools don’t make the artist.


I’ll give you the benefit of doubt instead of calling you a troll, so I’ll say this: Stop using your smartphone, right now. Nobody used GPS and people managed to cross oceans. Nobody had mobile phones and people managed to get in touch just fine. Nobody had text apps, they sent letters and used paper to take notes. They went to the bank to see how much money they had on their account. They went to music stores to browse CDs.

So give up you phone, right now, and all the conveniences it gives you. Then ask for a friend to text here after a year and tell me how it was.


I don’t use Outlook. I haven’t used an email app for years. I’m now stuck in Gmail hell with multiple accounts. That’s not better. I’m trying to stop using Gmail and go to an open source app with my own server. It can be done. You can live without the Adobe shit. The reason is simple. How many TV commercials have you authored in the past 3 months? I’m guessing 0. I rest my case. Not as an insult, it’s just maybe you don’t need all the fancy tools. Back when I had a stick shift carburetor car I could understand everything. Now I have a Prius and I understand some of it. The Prius makes it easy to drive and I don’t have to think about shifting or anything. But when it comes to the nuts and bolts in a possible moment of need I’m going to be down 1000 bucks or more if the thing stops working in the middle of nowhere. Are you going to loose out if you stop using Adobe apps?


TV commercials? Honest question, do you even know what is the Adobe Cloud used for? Do you even know who uses it and how it is used? They’re not the industry standard for nothing, they’re actually really powerful creativity tools with strong collaboration tools. They are not perfect, but they ARE the best. You don’t use it, you’re out of the industry. It’s hard to keep a job with Affinity unless you’re freelancing, and it’s damn impossible if you rely on crap like GIMP.

Sure, you can put a nail in with a shoe but that doesn’t mean the shoe is better than a hammer. Come on.


Are you really a better creator if you push a button to create vs someone who spends a year on a single static painting? Sure you’ll die on hunger these days and I understand that. But using Adobe crap won’t get you past AI. Soon I’ll be able to just ask AI to make me a Bruce Willis movie about a regular guy who happens to be a really good mechanic with a military past with secret ties to the CIA, and I’ll be be watching the best movie he ever made past his retirement. What are you going to do? Press a button to hopefully make a swirl better? Nah. Artists talent comes from knowing the nuts and bolts of the things you do.


Thanks for the laugh, because your reply clearly shows you have no arguments and decided to attack me on a personal level, all while showing you know absolutely nothing about the creative arts and the industry.

This silly angry discourse of yours? I heard it again and again: how all the work I did and the knowledge I had because I spent so much time learning to grind pigments, to choose the right oils, to know the right water dosage, the right paper, all of it, would be useless because the new big thing arrived: digital art tools. How designers would be obsolete because instead of drawing with pen and paper and big ass tables and rules we would be doing all in a tiny screen, being all processed through a computer.

I lived through it all kid, while you’re typing your silly comment in the confort of your room without a single knowledge of the real world. And I’ll do it again and again, because I’m not a moron. I know how to draw and to paint for real, and how to draw and how to paint in digital, and I’m using AI to enhance everything beyond what I thought it was possible.

You know nothing, and understand nothing, all while tapping yourself in the back thinking you got a great zinger. Shame.

And don’t bother to reply. You’re a moron and an imbecile that I already spent too much time replying your stupidity. You’re blocked.


The IT argument actually supports your argument, not necessarily against it. I work in IT and from home, and my company only works with Linux in limited capacities. Most of our tools and most of our clients are Windows based. Sure, I have Linux vms and such, but at the current moment switching my main OS is a hassle that I’ll go through later.


Oh, oh, yes shut up. We already know some apps are available only for certain platforms and have different set of supported drivers.

Why have the same arguments over and over. If the only disadvantage of the clearly better thing is popularity, then don’t shut up people taking time questionably promoting it.

@KairuByte@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Why have the same arguments over and over.

You realize the main thing said in this thread apart from people complaining about it, are all people saying “just switch to Linux.”


Because every new shitty thing Microsoft does is another new argument 😊.


Because we get the same useless suggestions over and over and over that solves absolutely nothing. If you know about the limitations then don’t go around pitching Linux as an universal solution since that’s clearly a lie.


On Linux my fingerprint reader doesn’t work

Your WHAT? How stupid does one have to be to even use fingerprints on technology they do not fully control, and that has network access? facepalm


I’m sure the smartphone you’re using right now is all under your control with no network access right? 🤦

Seriously, what’s up with all those trolls on lemmy?


It is rooted , uses LineageOS & doesn’t have google apps etc. Yes. Beyond that, I understand the risks of using always-online technology.


They’re not trolls, just Unix-pilled dumbasses who can’t accept their 4% club isn’t the literal holy grail they want it to be.

Linux is great, yeah. You know what else is great? Playing games. Not debugging drivers. Stable configurations. Not sucking Torvalds’ dick. Coming home after my job and just doing whatever the fuck I want on my PC, instead of putting on my “Linux user” overalls and going back to what is basically another job, trying and failing to get the fucking OS to do one teensy little thing that there are 50 half-documented solutions for, 49 of which don’t work.


Lemmy users generally subscribe to the philosophy of “if everyone just thought exactly like me then the world would be utopia”

The actual solution is to pirate Windows 10 LTSC IOT from 1337x.to (microsoft’s debloated version of W10 for sysadmins, it tends to get leaked) for a usable everyday system. The only Linux setups that are possible to daily drive (aren’t unstable) are Linux Mint and an Arch setup with Hyprland if you know what you’re doing - anything else has serious issues in my experience. Even if you got Adobe and Office apps running (which is possible in some cases), both the most used desktop environments on Linux (GNOME and KDE) are incredibly buggy messes. Literally half of all ‘distros’ are just trying to make sure those two desktop envs aren’t launching nuclear bombs on your machine


The actual solution is to pirate Windows 10 LTSC IOT

Awesome. Amazing. Thankyou. This looks great.

That said, the rest of your comment is a bit… arrogant? Especially after complaining that Lemmy users are arrogant. Linux didn’t work for you and / or your use case. Fine. Everything else works fine for loads of other people.

@viking@infosec.pub avatar

XFCE is a pain-free desktop environment, so Xubuntu is my system of choice for personal use.

But in the office I just can’t unilaterally decide to ditch Windows. And while I do have access to an admin account to fix some annoyances, it’s not like I can run a custom OS so far removed from the regular user accounts that I wouldn’t be able to replicate their issues.


I primarily run Linux but absolutely understand the need for things that only work with windows so I dual boot. That being said I use AtlasOS which cleans up W10 pretty good. I don’t have any of the crappiness that is currently hitting users.


Also here’s another site that has some information on AtlasOS as well as some other tools.


I know it says for gaming but I use solidworks as well as some other software and my idle resource usage has went way down and it runs so much better.


Finally a decent suggestion. I’ll take a look at it, thanks!


I had high hopes for Atlas for gaming.

I formatted and started a fresh install. My main games (League Of Legends, Escape from Tarkov) would not install, with various errors. Then I ran into system errors with permissions.

Also came across this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctONKQByx-M

Back to Win10 Pro + debloat script.


What exactly were the errors?


Sorry, it was nearly a year ago, I don’t remember the exact details. I’m an experienced IT specialist and they were not common issues I could easily debug and resolve myself. All I remember is I followed some tutorials to address some errors, which ended up creating other errors. I gave up after a couple consecutive evenings of troubleshooting.



I tried Solus once back in 2019-ish when I first learned Bash at work because I found it cool. Then came the games that were incompatible with Proton / Wine, and the many painful hours of trying to debug why Mass Effect Andromeda kept crashing after 30 mins of runtime (no solution found). In the end I just swapped back to Windows because I didn’t want to do what I already did at work during the weekends.

I like Linux, but until a majority of game developers prioritize development for Linux I’ll stick to Windows. I could dual boot Linux and Windows, but I suspect I’ll just do everything on Windows in the end lol


The vast majority of games already run on Linux, even without Linux binaries.


the best way to disable it is to install linux


How is one supposed to have a local admin account if it’s fucking online. Makes no sense


The point is not to help you control your own machine, the point is trying to force people to subscribe to their own machines.


That’s exactly what it is and it’s infuriating. I planned this rig, I bought the parts, I built it, get your god damned hands off of it, Microsoft. When I can muster up the energy you’ll be forever doomed to a life in a KVM in Linux, you assholes.



@shaytan@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

It turns off in you install linux

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