tripplehelix, avatar

WOW, puts adverts in the middle of films, even if you've paid for their service...


@tripplehelix Yup which is why I cancelled.

tripplehelix, avatar

@andrew Well, there is zero reason to pay for it now.

cymplecy, avatar

@tripplehelix Welcome to 2024

tripplehelix, avatar

@cymplecy I have adblockers up the wazoo, I tend to never go near Amazon video, but Justwatch recommended this film. However, due to this experience, I won't be coming back.

mansr, avatar

@tripplehelix On actual Prime titles too now? The "freevee" titles have always had an obnoxious amount of ads, but I have not yet seen more than a short pre-roll ad on a Prime title, and even that happens less than half the time. Are they ramping up the amount of ads gradually or what?

tripplehelix, avatar

@mansr You should see what they did to

RogerBW, avatar

@tripplehelix And they're sooooo surprised piracy is on the rise again.

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