Wow. Spacey is really fucking losing it now.


You would think he would hide underbabrock for the rest of his life.

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Honestly, if he’d have just kept his mouth shut for a few years, made some vague comments about “getting help” and refusing to do interviews, he could’ve probably came out of all this unscathed. Plenty of other actors have faced worse accusations and kept acting.

For whatever reason, though, it seems like he has a massive grudge against Netflix. He made this same video five years ago called Let Me Be Frank where he was talking about things half in-character and half as himself. For whatever reason he just cannot let House of Cards go.

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People seem to forget that House of Cards was the Netflix Original. It was the beginning of “we make our own content”. Like him or hate him, it’s undeniable that his show was a major player in Netflix’s pivot and growth into what they are today. Arguably, Stranger Things would not exist if it hadn’t been successful. The point about the iconic Netflix sound being a House of Cards reference is correct.

So yeah, dude may have a huge ego, but before all of this happened, he was huge and had a major impact. It’s not surprising that someone who fell from such heights wouldn’t want to let go.


Actually no, Lillehammer was the first and a better show than house of cards overall


Netflix bought Lillehammer after it was already made and had aired.


What I said was true downvoters:


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You’re not totally wrong, and what-ifs are always dangerous…, but Lillyhammer proved the concept years earlier (even if it was co-produced) and Orange is the New Black was a huge hit that went into production the same time House of Cards did. HOC certainly helped cement them as a content powerhouse, but I think it’s a stretch to say it was the only reason other Netflix productions exist.

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I didn’t say they were the sole reason. I said “major player”. They were “The Netflix Original” as in the most distinguished. Lilyhammer went unrecognized for far too long and most people don’t even know about it anymore. While OITNB was also a major player in that time period, they didn’t rise to the level of becoming part of the iconic Netflix sound. No other show is engrained into the Netflix brand to such a degree.

That’s all. They aren’t the only reason, but one could argue that if they had failed, executives up top might have rethought the whole “original programming” thing at the time.


Kevin Spacey … Alleged sexual assualter Kevin Spacey?

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Career-long notoriously chronic abuser and sexual predator, Kevin Spacey? (allegedly)


Usually when people keep their mouth shut and are acquitted, we can all just say “guess he’s innocent” and move on. But Spacey has been so insufferable, arrogant and a complete cock since the allegations, that even after his acquittal, it’s clear he’s a massive tool and very likely got away with his crimes


Narcissists of a feather flock together…


As do sex offenders of a feather. Wonder what we don't know about Tucker Carlson...


Hopefully we’ll be getting some of those Epstein associations soon, but still no client list or black book;


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Huh. I thought Tucker would be a little old for him, but I guess times are tough.


People think I’m a vile piece of shit. How do I rehab my image? I know! I’ll go on a show with another vile piece of shit!

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Who needs parody when these things write themselves

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